Anthony Kosar: Face Off Season 4 Winner is Now An Emmy Nominated Artist

Syfy’s ‘Face Off’ is well-known for showing the world the wonders of just what can be done by those highly skilled in the art of prosthetic makeup. After all, creating something completely unrealistic and yet believable is far from an easy task. However, season 4’s winner, J Anthony Kosar, proved to the world just how well-suited he is to this field. Having made his appearance on the show in 2013, the artist stunned the world with his creativity and talent. Now, over a decade later, the world is eager to know what he has been up to these days.

Anthony Kosar’s Face Off Journey

Anthony Kosar cemented his place in the competition by winning the very first Foundation Challenge, in which the contestants were asked to take a royal approach. He was then teamed up with Meagan Hester for the Spotlight Challenge and ended up winning the same. In fact, Anthony also won the DC Comics-inspired Spotlight Challenge that came up next with his take on the Infernal Core. For the next Spotlight Challenge, the artists were tasked with presenting their version of demons, a challenge that Anthony once again swept, thanks to his partnership with Alam Park.

The upcoming challenges were not that simple for Anthony, though. Starting with the second Foundation Challenge and the fourth Spotlight Challenge, he had to remain on his toes to maintain a place in the competition, with other contestants starting to shine bright as well. His partnership with Autumn Cook in the fifth Spotlight Challenge did impress the judges, given their recreation of the three-headed contorted giant from ‘Jack the Giant Killer,’ though not enough to earn either one of the titles of the winner.

During the sixth Spotlight Challenge, Anthony did have a tough time recreating an ant, and his work landed him a place in the bottom three, a first for him. He did make a comeback in the following Foundation Challenge as he and Meagan presented one of the top looks for the task. As the eighth Spotlight Challenge rolled around, Anthony was once again at the top, winning the task with his creation of a spear-wielding tribal being.

The ninth Spotlight Challenge once again saw Antony in the bottom tier, with his take on ‘Evil Dead’ inspired Anubis apparently not being up to the mark, though he did avoid getting eliminated, with David “House” Greathouse being the one to exit the show. During the penultimate Spotlight Challenge, Anthony gave a winning performance in races of two different franchises to create something truly captivating. Pitted against Kristian “Kris” Kobzina and Wayne Anderson, Anthony worked alongside Meagan and Eric Zapata to take home the grand prize, much to the delight of his fans.

Where is Anthony Kosar Now?

Since his time on the show, Anthony Kosar has been thriving in his role as a prosthetic makeup artist and has even been teaching others the skill. The Founder of Kosart Studios also serves as the company’s Lead Artist and MUFX Designer. Additionally, he offers Pop-Up Masterclasses that allow interested students to learn all that the reality star has to offer. Though his company is based in Westmont, Illinois, Anthony has ensured that the work done by Kosart Studios is not limited to any borders, with the organization’s work having expanded across North America as of writing.

Anthony has continued to impress the world with his work in some of the more recent projects. In fact, he served as the Special FX Make-Up Department Head and Make-Up FX Designer for ‘Candyman,’ ‘Fargo‘ season 4, ‘Shining Girls‘ season 1, and ‘Paper Girls‘ season 1. However, his most stunning work might be in the very first episode of ‘Lovecraft Country,’ for which he and Anna Cali earned an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup category.

Based in Lisle, Illinois, Anthony has also been a freelance Halloween Mask Designer/Sculptor for Zagone Studios since November 2007. He is also a freelance Artist and Scuplt Painter for The Bradford Group. As for his personal life, the season 4 winner is in a very happy relationship with Marlena Ochoa. Using his social media, Anthony is often happy to share the latest updates in his life with his fans.

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