Are 1883’s James and Margaret Dutton Married in Real Life?

1883‘ is a prequel to Taylor Sheridan’s hit Western drama ‘Yellowstone.’ It follows the lives of the Dutton family members who embark on a search for a place to call home and journey across the Great Plains. The family is headed by the flamboyant cowboy James Dillard Dutton and his composed wife, Margaret Dutton. As the first-generation Duttons who laid the foundation of the Yellowstone Ranch, the characters hold a significant place in the show’s lore. Moreover, the couple’s on-screen chemistry is enjoyable and will make viewers wonder about the real-life relationship between the actors who play the roles. If you are curious about the same, here’s everything you need to know!

Are James Dutton and Margaret Dutton Married in Real Life?

In ‘1883,’ James Dillard Dutton is married to Margaret Dutton. At the start of the series, the couple has two children, an elder daughter, Elsa, and a younger son, John. Later, they are blessed with another son whom they name Spencer. In the series premiere, James and Margaret are planning on leaving behind Texas and heading up North in hopes of starting a new life.

There is an unspoken understanding between them, and both James and Margaret show fierce courage when it comes to protecting their children. James has a raw sense of justice, while Margaret is the voice of reason within the family. All these aspects of the couple’s personality would become the traditional values of their future generations.

In the series, actor Tim McGraw essays the role of James Dillard Dutton, the first generation Dutton rancher. On the other hand, actress Faith Hill plays the part of Margaret Dutton, the first matriarch of the Dutton family. James and Margaret are not just a reel-life couple as McGraw and Hill are married in real life as well.

Hill, whose adopted name is Audrey Faith Perry, is a renowned country singer who began her acting career in 1997 with a recurring role on the drama series ‘Touched by an Angel’ and its spin-off ‘Promised Land.’ Hill was married to publishing executive Daniel Hill from 1988 to 1994. After the couple’s divorce, Hill met McGraw in 1996 during a music tour, and the duo fell in love with each other. The same year, the couple tied the knot and have been married ever since. Together they are also proud parents of three daughters.

McGraw and Hill have won the coveted Grammy Award numerous times during their career. ‘1883’ marks the couple’s first on-screen appearance together in a scripted show, and they also reprise their roles in a flashback sequence for the parent series ‘Yellowstone.’

After watching Taylor Sheridan’s work on ‘Wind River,’ the couple began considering acting together if a similar gig were to be offered to them. Two years later, they were offered the roles of James and Margaret and could not turn down the offer. A couple of months before the premiere of ‘1883,’ McGraw and Hill celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary. Although we are a bit late to the party, we wish the couple many more such years together and look forward to watching their performances in ‘1883.’

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