Are Adan and Raquel From Insiders Still Friends?

With twisted mind games, cruel manipulations, and both personal as well as indifferent connections being constant aspects, Netflix’s ‘Insiders‘ is a reality competition series unlike any other. After all, it revolves around a group of diverse individuals from every walk of life as they think they’re in the final “casting” phase for an exciting “upcoming production,” only to already be in it. Amongst them in season 2 were the incredibly intriguing Adan Lazaro and Raquel Arias — whose unexpected bond truly surpassed expectations — so now, let’s find out where they stand today, shall we?

Adan and Raquel’s Insiders Journey

While both Adan and Raquel had initially seemed a little cocky in their introductions, the truth (as it gradually came to light) is that they’re just ambitious individuals with no patience for lies or hypocrisy. “This is going to sound weird,” the 30-year-old Seville-born Ibiza-based businessman had openly stated, “but no one ever says anything bad about me. I’m pretty cool, honestly.” On the other hand, the 29-year-old Madrid-based model had expressed how she “wants the world to see her” for who she really is and is always unapologetically brutally honest in every sense of the term.

It thus came as no surprise that they were drawn to one another from the get-go and immediately chose to develop a steadfast friendship, just for it to soon evolve into much more. “[Adan and I] call each other siblings,” Raquel gleefully conceded to the producers at one point before adding, “We are both like ‘Team Blonde.’ Both ‘equally blonde.'” In simple words, they seemingly had their fair share of silly moments while joking around.

More importantly, though, Adan and Raquel continuously had each other’s backs, whether it be during any dramatic group arguments or the complex voting process within this production. They did also encounter a few personal problems and miscommunications along the way. Yet they always talked things out rather than needlessly argue over it, which honestly only validated the fact that they both genuinely valued their relationship.

Are Adan and Raquel Still Friends?

The most significant moment in Adan and Raquel’s entire association was in the “streaming phase” of ‘Insiders,’ when the former, alongside Lorenz o, was chosen to be eliminated. That’s because the two males were then surprisingly given the power to boot off someone else, and the former ensured that his partner in crime was not even up for discussion. His efforts to save her hence (albeit indirectly) led her to be crowned the winner.

So, of course, Adan and Raquel are still great friends, as evidenced by their social media platforms. Not only do the duo continue to follow one another on their respective accounts, but they also publicly show their support in the form of comments. From the Ushuaïa Ibiza worker remarking things like “precious” and “how cool” on the model’s photos to her leaving behind a myriad of emojis for him, they all make their affinity clear. It appears as if Adan and Raquel are perfectly content with where they stand today, which is what truly matters.

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