Are Alexis and Devon From The Big D Still Together?

Finding common ground when all doors are closed, ‘The Big D’ follows a group of divorced individuals who enter a tropical paradise to find love. The reality television show features couples who have given up on their ex and hope to discover a new connection. However, some remain reluctant and hope to see things through with their ex-partner.

Hosted by ‘The Bachelorette’ alums Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, the show features the ups and downs of people entangled in the spell of love. Alexis Fletcher and Devon Wright are couples on the show who have piqued the viewers’ interest. So, if you’re also wondering more about them, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Alexis and Devon’s The Big D Journey

After a year-long marriage, Atlanta-based Alexis Fletcher and Charleston-based Devon Wright decided to part ways owing to an increasing strain from in-laws. While Alexis felt that the latter tended to start conflicts, things became more complicated after her mother meddled in their relationship by sending rude messages to him. The relationship between the mother-in-law and son-in-law soured to the point that they blocked each other. While discomfort with Devon’s spouse’s family added another reason to their separation, the couple mutually decided they’d be better apart than together.

After having been divorced for two years, the duo decided to appear on the show. While their relationship had its share of ups and downs, the couple still welcomed a reinitiation of romance and the idea of remarriage. Throughout the season, Alexis and Devon continuously opened up about past troubles and tried to work through the issues that had built into resentment. With the help of relationship therapist Dr. Jada Jackson, they shared the problems they hadn’t worked out during their marriage. However, their relationship on the show had its ups and downs. After winning the art-making challenge, Alexis exploded on Devon for choosing to celebrate with the other contestants instead of her.

Similarly, Devon also struggled to control his anger after other members tested his patience. Even so, the couple chose to stick together and did not explore a connection elsewhere. Naturally, their ability to be completely candid made them the forerunners of the series. In the end, their relationship won the hearts of hosts and viewers. Ultimately, the duo didn’t just walk away as the competition’s winner and won $50,000. Nevertheless, life outside the cameras can prove to be very testing. As such, fans wonder if Alexis and Devon have managed to work through their differences and establish a relationship again.

Are Alexis and Devon Still Together?

No, Alexis and Devon are no longer together. Despite walking away with the top spot and reigniting a fizzled romance, things between them eventually ended up in their initial place. Even though the couple could work through the impediments that had marred their relationship earlier, real life quickly caught up with the reality stars. While they managed to gain a newfound respect for one another and create a foundation to avoid pitfalls in the future, distance and life got in the way of their always.

Moreover, without Dr. Jada Jackson helping them navigate the issues in their bond, Alexis and Devon eventually decided to part ways. After the couple left the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, they returned to their lives in Atlanta and Charleston. Impeding their road to remarriage, long-distance became the primary reason for the couple to call it quits. In addition to the grueling distance, Alexis and Devon found it difficult to dive into a full-fledged relationship due to their extra responsibilities, commitments, and work.

Even so, the show became a stepping stone for the duo, who are still open to communication. While marriage is not on the table for the couple, they still like to refer to their relationship as “To Be Continued.” On the professional front, Alexis and Devon are making equal strides. The former continues her role at Randstad as Recruiting Coordinator Supporting Google. Similarly, Devon is also progressing as a model and an aspiring actor. So even though the former spouses did not experience a blossoming romance, it is apparent that they are still accelerating on the path to success. As such, we await all the milestones Devon and Alexis will achieve in the future!

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