Are Allison and Lennon Dead in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ is a mystery drama that centers on a group of friends hiding a secret and being targeted by a sinister serial killer. The series is filled with baffling twists supported by intriguing characters with complex motivations. All of these aspects are evident in the show’s handling of the storylines of twin sisters, Allison and Lennon.

The series relies on the polar opposite siblings trope to deliver a shocking twist in the very first episode that leaves the viewers hooked. However, it also creates some confusion over the sister’s fate. If you are one of the confused viewers looking for clarification about Alison and Lennon’s fate in the show, here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

What Happens to Allison and Lennon in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

The first episode of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ introduces Lennon and Allison Grant (Madison Iseman in a dual role) as twin sisters who have a contentious relationship. Lennon is the outspoken and overachieving sister, while Allison is the shy and clueless one. The two attend a graduation party at Lennon’s best friend Margot’s house. At the party, Lennon ends up having sex with Allison’s crush, Dylan.

The incident leads to a massive argument between the sisters. Following the fight, Lennon gets into her car and is about to drive off when her friends Margot, Johnny, Riley, and Dylan get into the vehicle. Lennon drives along the road while her friends create shenanigans in the car. Ultimately, Lennon ends up hitting a person in the middle of the road. The person turns out to be none other than her twin sister!

Are Allison and Lennon Dead?

After the accident, Lennon and her friends realize that Allison is dead. The group debates about what they should do. Fearing for their futures, they decide to hide the dead body in a cave hoping that when it fills up with tidewater, the body will wash away. Everything goes smoothly until a mysterious killer claiming to know about the group’s secret starts targeting and killing them one by one. While the friends try to band together and figure out the identity of the killer, they are entirely unaware of a big deception.

In flashbacks to the night of the graduation party, we see that after their fight, it was Allison who wore Lennon’s jacket and stormed off. She got into Lennon’s car. The friends, believing it was Lennon in the driving seat, also joined her. Therefore, it is actually Lennon who is hit by the car and dies. Meanwhile, Allison pretends to be her sister and takes over her life. To hide her secret, Allison makes the same self-harm marks on herself as her sister had. The twins’ father, Bruce, is in on the act and helps create Allison’s cover story.

Later, Lennon’s dead body is discovered on the shore. According to the cover-up story, Allison ran away from home, leading the townsfolk to believe they had found Allison’s dead body. A funeral is arranged for “Allison,” which the real Allison attends as Lennon. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, both Allison and Lennon are dead. For the world, Allison is dead, while in reality, it is Lennon who died. The twist makes the narrative extremely engrossing as Allison must hide the fact that she caused her sister’s death and pretend to be Lennon to save herself from going to prison.

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