Are Amber and Matthew Still Together? Love is Blind Update

Love is Blind‘ is a reality TV series on Netflix that features 30 singles on the quest for love as they enter the arena of speed dating. Over ten days, they interact in rooms separated by a wall so that they cannot see each other. If and when they form a connection and decide to get engaged, they get to meet each other in person for the first time. After they spend time together and become acquainted with each other’s families and living conditions, the couples then choose to either get married in the finale or go their separate ways.

Since its arrival on February 13, 2020, the show has engaged viewers with its quirky concept and interesting couples. One such pair which has captured everyone’s hearts with their sweet love story is Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, who appeared in season 1. Since then, fans have been curious to know what their favorite couple is up to and if they are still going strong. If you wish to find out too, we’ve got you covered!

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett’s Love is Blind Journey

Amber Pike met Matthew Barnett for the first time during the filming of ‘Love is Blind’ season 1 in 2018. When they met, she was a former tank mechanic, who had worked with the Georgia Army National Guard while he was a Project Engineer with E. Escher Inc. Even though the couple had instant sparks since their first conversation, they did not get engaged immediately as Matthew also made connections with other cast members Jessica Batten and Lauren Chamblin AKA LC.

Despite a strong bond with Jessica, Matthew decided to take things forward with Amber because he fell in love with her strong-willed personality and ability to challenge him. This did not sit well with Jessica, who was still smitten with him and tried to pursue him even after he got engaged to Amber. Jessica’s interference caused slight tensions between the couple, along with a few other minor hiccups, such as Amber’s financial debts.

In season 1 episode 6, Amber told Matthew that she had taken around $20,000 worth of student loans during college, which she was unable to pay off. That led to some serious discussions between them. Furthermore, Amber expressed her wish to be a stay-at-home mom in the future, and Matthew was honest about his opinion on the same. This impressed her, and they had an elaborate conversation about managing finances. Eventually, they decided to walk down the aisle together.

Matthew’s elder brother did have apprehensions about the reasons why he and Amber wanted to get married. Moreover, Matthew experienced anxiety a day before the wedding. But the couple was able to overcome all these challenges. The lovebirds tied the knot in the season 1 finale. But did their differences get the better of them, or is their marriage still intact?

Are Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett Still Together?

Yes, Amber and Matthew are very much together and happily married. However, things haven’t always been so smooth for the couple due to her impending debts and social media backlash on her career choices. In an interview in March 2020, Amber shared about pursuing a new professional trajectory and stated, “I have been taking some steps towards establishing a new career for myself and will be taking a test for my certifications very soon.” Moreover, in the season 1 reunion episode, the couple spoke about how their stubborn natures and individual expectations created minor difficulties for them to adjust to married life initially.

In addition, Amber divulged that she even contemplated divorce at one point. “I at one point actually called about potentially getting a divorce lawyer. Something’s not working,” she said. Luckily, the couple decided to sort out their differences and work on their marriage by respecting each other’s choices. During the ‘Love is Blind: After the Altar‘ special that aired in July 2021, viewers saw Amber reveal to her mother-in-law that she has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is thus keen to speed up the process of planning a family.

However, Matthew is skeptical about raising children in the shared apartment complex that he and Amber moved into after he sold his previous house to help her with her debts. On top of that, the couple had an awkward encounter with Jessica during the special. They refused to accept her wedding gift and did not want to maintain any contact with her.

In spite of all these hurdles, Amber and Matthew have been able to establish a healthy and loving marriage since season 1 ended and are proactively working towards growing together and starting a family. They celebrated their third anniversary on November 16, 2021, and frequently post pictures with each other and their cute dog Koda on social media. Fans are elated to see their beloved couple in such a happy space and wish the best for them in the years ahead.

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