Ananya and Dhruv: Are the IRL Stars Still Together?

When it comes to romance, no single answer seems to fit a single person. This can certainly be held true for Ananya Rao and Dhruv Barman, who found each other through Netflix’s ‘IRL: In Real Love.’ The Indian dating show aims to compare how people interact in real life and the online world and whether it impacts the strength of their connection. For Ananya and Dhruv, the journey to be with each other was far from simple, but it also helped them earn many fans. Naturally, people across the world are eager to know more about whether or not they are still with each other!

Ananya and Dhruv’s IRL: In Real Love Journey

Since they first met each other during the speed dating rounds, Ananya and Dhrub could not help but fall for each other. Their chemistry was quite palpable and led them to want more as days went by. Naturally, Ananya decided to choose Dhruv as her top 2 real-life matches along with Yatin. For her first date, she chose to go with Dhruv, and the two had an amazing time in Dilli haat, a market in Delhi, India, that features goods and wares from places across the country.

The strength of her connection with Dhruv led Ananya to save him when the time came to eliminate either him or Yatin. Though Dhruv was lightly relevant, things soon changed with the entry of Shivam Arora, Ananya’s online partner. However, Dhruv remained firm in the depth of his bond with his partner and maintained friendly relations with everyone. His calm presence and amicable nature also made him quite popular with other participants.

However, the bond between Ananya and Dhruv was tested to the extreme when the former decided to give him a connection ring, stating that he was the only one for her. Though not doubting his affection for Ananya and firm in his disinterest in exploring anything else, Dhruv stated that he wanted some more time and did not think they should stop the experiment at that point. Extremely upset, Ananya was not sure what she could do since she did not feel a connection with Shivam.

Though Ananya and Dhruv tried to move past the incident, the former remained upset about the rejection. Things did change when Shivam exited the show, leading to the entry of Faisal Khan, one of Ananya’s potential online partners from the earlier phase of the show. Not happy about the growing connection between him and Ananya, Dhruv was more than happy to share his thoughts about why Fiasal had chosen to be vulnerable with Ananya during their holiday.

Ananya and Dhruv Have Not Opened Up About Their Relationship

Despite the sting of Dhruv’s rejection still hurting her, Ananya decided to trust her gut on the day of her final choice. Though she was questioned why she thought Dhruv might have changed his mind about needing time in such a short space of time, Ananya remained firm and offered him a connection ring once more. This time, Dhruv was more than happy to give her a ring of his own, leading them to become a “true connection.”

As of writing, Ananya and Dhruv have not shared any official news regarding their status as a couple. That being said, their bond was certainly strong, and it is possible that they might still be together. Dhruv is still a professional basketball player, having once been the top International Basketball Federation 3×3 player in India. He is also associated with Machine Plans. Meanwhile, Ananya is seemingly thriving in her life as a dancer and works alongside Lotus365.

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