Chiragg and Vidushi: Is the IRL Couple Still Together?

Hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Gauahar Khan, Netflix’s ‘IRL: In Real Love‘ is a fascinating Indian reality dating series that talks about crucial questions when it comes to love and how romance works in the fast-paced modern world. Due to the nature of the social experiment, we get to see many couples coming together and growing apart though few had a journey as interesting as Chiragg Khatri and Vidushi Kaul. The duo captured many hearts with their easy banter, leaving people across the world heavily invested in their story and wondering if the two are still in a relationship.

Chiragg and Vidushi’s IRL: In Real Love Journey

Entering the Netflix show as one of the four singles, Chiragg was given the option to speed date potential partners in real life and select two of his top connection. It was during this part of the experiment that he first met Vidushi, whom he instantly connected with. The two bonded over their similar roots, each having one Punjabi and one Kashmiri parent. Needless to say, Vidushi was one of Chiraag’s picks for the next round, along with Ashita.

Despite having a good connection with both of his chosen potential partners, it was evident that Chiragg gravitated towards Vidushi, something that Ashita was also quick to notice. The easy chemistry warmed many hearts, with people rooting for them to be the endgame. However, when Chiragg went on his date with Ashita, Vidushi got to know another one of the contestants named Sahib Singh Lamba. The latter was trying to woo Sakshi Gupta.

As Chiragg’s connection with Vidushi developed further, he decided to let Ashita go with a heavy heart. However, the experiment was far from over, and his chosen online partner, Sifat Sehgal, soon entered the show. Despite the fact that Chiragg soon formed a good relationship with Sifat, his preference seemed to be Vidhushi. However, the latter was growing confused regarding her feelings for Sahib. This led to her arguing with Chiragg and requesting that she, too, would like to explore and take some time.

Chiragg agreed to Vidushi’s request and tried to open up to Sifat a bit more, which did not make Vidushi feel better. This upset Chiragg, who did not understand what exactly she wanted from him. Knowing that his heart belonged to Vidushi, Chiragg was frustrated and asked her what she wanted from him, stating that she was extremely “confused.” In order to rectify the situation, Vidushi decided to write a letter detailing her feelings for Sahib and give it to Chiragg, which hurt him. However, she remained firm about not committing until she was 100% sure.

Chiragg and Vidushi Have Yet to Share an Update

When the time came for the final choice, despite their ups and downs, Chiragg decided to give his ring to Vidushi and even read something he had written for her. This prompted Visudhi also to share her thoughts and state that she wanted to explore her connection with Chiragg further and gave him a ring back. The development certainly made them and their friends happy. However, as of writing, the couple has not shared any official update regarding their status as a couple. Given the depth of their affection for each other and everything they overcame together, we are hopeful that they are still in a relationship.

Presently, Chiragg works as a model, actor, and CrossFit athlete. Primarily based in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi, the reality TV star retains his love for books and fitness. Meanwhile, Vidushi is a talented actor and designer. She is the Creative Director of Amazia Beauty and the Founder of Riqueza. We wish both of them the very best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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