Are Andrew and Tasha From Love Island Still Together?

The British dating reality seriesLove Island,’ which is a reboot of the original eponymous celebrity show, has a fascinating premise and a large fan base. It is built on the concept of a bunch of participants residing in a private, luxurious villa, where each person must pair up with someone in order to form a romantic relationship and sustain in the game. The competitors must endure several recurring challenges, re-couplings, and public vote, to eventually walk away with the winning prize of £50,000.

The competition is particularly challenging for the remaining singles since they are compelled to leave the island forever. Season 8 of ITV’s ‘Love Island’ saw a number of successful and enduring love relationships being developed. One such attractive pair was that of Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page. The couple encountered a long, challenging, yet interesting passage of ups and downs throughout their journey. Thus, with their increasing popularity, it is natural for their fans to wonder if the beloved couple is still together or if they’ve gone their separate ways. Here’s what we know!

Andrew and Tasha’s Love Island Journey

In season 8, the makers took a different approach where the initial couple formation was picked by the voting public for the first time, a few days before its premiere in June 2022. Andrew and Tasha were one such pair formed by the public voting. Andrew is a 27-year-old real estate agent from Guernsey Island but is also based out of Dubai, while Tasha is a 23-year-old dancer and model from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The two of them were thankful for their coupling as they slowly became attracted to each other and soon developed a special bond.

However, the show puts forth many hurdles for the couples to test their true connection. Andrew and Tasha also faced their fair share of challenges which first began with a love triangle with Luca Bish, who showed equal interest in Tasha. Luca tried his best to form a connection with the young dancer, and in the beginning, Tasha also gave his advances a thought. But when it came to deciding, Tasha chose Andrew over Luca; the latter later formed a connection with Gemma Owen.

This was a small hurdle for Andrew and Tasha, who eventually faced the bigger challenge with the entry of the bombshells. They both wanted to try their luck with the new bombshells to see if they find a better connection. Hence, Tasha talked about her desire to bond with bombshell Charlie Radnedge, while Andrew had a thing with Coco Lodge in Casa Amor. Although Tasha did not act much on her desire at the time of Casa Amor, Andrew, on the other hand, totally got intimate with Coco. They could not keep their hands off each other, and Andrew returned to the villa by re-coupling with Coco.

Andrew and Coco’s coupling made Tasha heartbroken, but she decided to couple with bombshell Billy Brown for a while. However, neither Andrew nor Tasha could be interested in anyone else for a long time, and that is when they realized their true love for each other. After Andrew admitted the level of intimacy he had shared with Coco, the original couple talked it out and finally got back together and also got intimate with each other.

From then onwards, the couple had a much smoother journey where they got closer to each other and rebuilt their trust. Later, Tasha also made a romantic gesture by asking Andrew to be her official boyfriend. The couple ultimately came in fourth in the competition and left the luxury island of Mallorca together as a couple. Now that they are back in the real world, are they still together, or did the pair succumb to its complexities?

Are Andrew ad Tasha Still Together?

Yes, Andrew and Tasha are still together. Before the end of the finale episode, Andrew and Tasha wrote highly of their partners and were thankful for their journey together. In her final speech, Tasha said, “Andrew… walking into this villa, I came in with no expectations but hoped to meet my love, especially my first love. I’ve never felt this way before, you were everything I asked for. What I loved about you is your ambition, dedication, the way you care for others, your sexy body. There’s not a single thing I’d change about you. I’m so lucky to have you.”

Andrew also followed with a heartfelt speech, saying, “We have so many dreams to conquer. I can’t wait to see what you and I achieve next. My favorite thing and something we will do forever… our secret hand squeeze to let each other know we always have each other’s back”. Tasha is the first deaf contestant to ever appear on the show and she wears Cochlear implants. Andrew had a very sweet message to say about that too. He confessed, “The exact moment I fell in love with you was when you told me your superpower. I never truly knew how special you were until you shared that with me.”

He added, “You’re so incredibly brave and inspired more people than you’ll ever know. You really are one of a kind and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.” After returning to their homes, Andrew and Tasha can be seen truly happy in each other’s company. They have thanked their fans over social media for their constant support and often post loved-up photos of them together. They also glammed up and attended the season’s reunion episode together. The couple further has plans to live together in London. They might soon follow that dream as well, and we wish them the best in all future endeavors.

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