Anna and Josh: Is the Love Island Australia Couple Still Dating?

Secluded from the rest of the world, ‘Love Island Australia’ follows the lives of a group of single contestants who head to an isolated luxurious villa and try to find their match. The reality television show follows several singles undergoing a number of challenges to find their partner and secure a cash prize. In the second iteration, the two people who managed to enthrall viewers were Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham.

The couple did not just make viewers curious with their connection and affection but also managed to win the ‘Love Island Australia’ title in 2019. Naturally, fans wonder whether the duo has managed to oversee odds and obstacles and still be together in the real world. Luckily, we’ve got all the information right here!

Anna and Josh’s Love Island Journey Together

At 27, Anna McEvoy had entered the villa as an intruder. The model and social media influencer had big hopes and dreams of finding a partner who would understand her. On the other hand, the Sydney native Josh Packham, a mortgage broker, had entered the villa with his identical twin brother Luke Packham, hoping to find a true connection.

Luckily, both McEvoy and Packham found each other relatively fast. On Day 12 of their ‘Love Island Australia’ journey, the two partnered up and managed to stay steady throughout the show. What made McEvoy and Packham remarkably different from their fellow contestants was their ability to get through the show without any drama.

Absolved of any drama, Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham would even refer to themselves as the ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’ of the villa for their reserved, calm, and collected relationship. Their relationship had progressed smoothly, and the duo was anointed the title of the ‘Golden Couple.’

Against the number of couples on the show who kept re-coupling with different contestants, Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham were undeterred by the number of challenges coming their way. Not just this, the couple had also made their relationship official in the final week of the show. While their relationship on the show had been a bed of roses, the dire history of breakups in the ‘Love Island’ universe has led fans to wonder whether or not the couple managed to make it through.

Anna and Josh Have Broken Up

No, Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham are no longer together. While the couple had left the ‘Love Island’ villa on a high note, the relationship between the ‘Golden Couple’ did not persist long. After their exit from the show, Packham returned to Sydney and McEvoy to Melbourne. Despite their long-distance relationship, the two would often meet for dates and even meet each other’s families. However, when the couple decided to move in merely six months after their relationship, the unanticipated followed.

The strict lockdown protocols in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic affected McEvoy and Packham’s relationship immensely. The two finally parted ways in 2020, stating that they had grown apart and that they would always continue to cherish each other regardless of their breakup. So, even though Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham went on different paths, the two still continue to flourish in their respective lives. Anna McEvoy continues to partner with famous brands for modeling gigs and even stars in music videos.

The former ‘Love Island Australia’ winner also hosts a podcast titled ‘Where’s You Head At’ with Matt Zukowski. The podcast looks at relationship dynamics from male and female perspectives. On the personal front, Anna McEvoy is engaged to Michael Staples. McEvoy’s partner holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Deakin University and works as a Business Manager at Nine, a company based in Melbourne.

Josh Packham, on the other hand, has since worked on a number of projects. Along with his identical twin Luke Packham, the duo focuses on their renovation skills in ‘The Block.’ Additionally, Packham has also wandered into different projects as a TV presenter. The former ‘Love Island Australia’ winner is now one of the three hosts on ‘Australia’s Best Pools.’ The Sydney native gets to go around the country and swim in some of the most well-constructed and beautiful pools. Aside from his role as an entertainer, Packham is also the co-founder of a synthetic grass business along with his brother Luke Packham.

As for his personal life, Packham is currently single and prefers privacy on the matter. Additionally, Packham also focuses on traveling and exploring. The entertainment star is also an uncle and regularly shares glimpses of his nieces and nephews on social media. So, even though Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham have parted ways, we continue to wish them the best for their professional and personal growth.

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