Are Bloom and Leyla Still Together in New Amsterdam?

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In NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam,’ the relationship of Bloom and Leyla buds endearingly. When Bloom comes to know the difficulties Leyla faces to practice medicine in the US, she offers her a home to stay in and an environment to study. Their attachment gradually strengthens and they begin a relationship. However, when challenges arose in her way, Bloom depends on actions without thinking about their consequences. Her efforts to bribe the dean with a donation for Leyla to join New Amsterdam as a resident backfire, damaging their relationship. If you are wondering where things stand between Bloom and Leyla, we have got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Bloom and Leyla Still Together?

No, Bloom and Leyla are not together. When Reynolds reveals that the fifth residency spot at New Amsterdam is not exactly based on merit, Leyla confronts Bloom about it. A stunned Bloom tries to remind Leyla about her achievements, qualities, and how much she deserves the spot. Bloom’s attempts to justify her actions fail as Leyla adamantly asks her how much she had to pay for her residency. Realizing that the only way forward is to say the truth, Bloom confesses to paying $90,000 for Leyla’s selection.

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Even though Bloom pays the money with good intentions, Leyla’s realization that her residency at the hospital is not earned in the right way crushes her. She confronts Bloom again at the end of their workday and reminds her that her action was nothing but a way to buy her. A distressed Bloom listens to her, failing to truly express her reasons. Leyla then ends her relationship with Bloom and leaves her to join another hospital without revealing her whereabouts.

In the eleventh episode of season 4, Bloom tries to contact Leyla but gets disappointed each time. She expresses her wish to know whether she is safe, only for Leyla to not pick up the call at all. Bloom’s tireless and desperate attempts to know Leyla’s whereabouts only end in failure. However, the admirers of their charming relationship can hold onto the hope that Leyla will return to Bloom’s life one way or the other.

Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

In an interview given in November 2021, creator David Schulner promised the fans that there are developments yet to happen in Leyla and Bloom’s broken relationship. According to Schulner, their lives will continue to interconnect as the fourth season progresses. Even though he didn’t forget to warn us that things can get even more complicated, Schulner’s words are enough for us to hope for their inevitable reunion. Since Bloom’s intentions align with the betterment of Leyla, the doctor certainly deserves a chance.

Like Schulner, Jocko Sims (Dr. Floyd Reynolds) also revealed that Leyla’s departure is not the definite end of the character and her relationship with Bloom. As per Sims, his own character Reynolds is expected to play a pivotal part in Bloom and Leyla’s lives. Even though the actor didn’t reveal whether they will reunite, Reynolds’ involvement as a close friend of Bloom may help the doctor to find her way back to Leyla.

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