Brooke and Ollie: Is Are You The One Couple Still Together?

The task of finding the perfect romantic partner is hard for anyone. However, for some, ‘Are You The One?‘ provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy searching for someone that has been hand-picked just you. The recently released season 9 of the Paramount+ reality show is known for its variety of twists and turns as the cast members scramble to find their chosen matches.

Hence, the success of those that have successfully completed the task is always admirable. The same holds true for Brooke Rachman and Oliver “Ollie” Andersen, who overcame many obstacles to become the lovable pair we so adore. Naturally, their fans are eager to know if the couple is still together, and we are here to find out the same!

Brooke and Ollie’s Are You The One Journey

All the way from Los Angeles, California, Brooke Rachman entered the ninth iteration of the dating series to find the one for herself. The same was true for Oliver “Ollie” Andersen, whose British charm quickly helped him become a favorite among the viewers. During their first few days, the two did not interact much, and Ollie had apparently rejected the idea of pursuing a connection with Brooke. Meanwhile, the American beauty formed a deep bond with Leo Svete.

During the first match-up ceremony, Brooke and Leo were happy to be together and confident in their status as a match. However, the event ended up yielding no matches for the participants, leading the two to realize that they were not meant for each other. Despite this development, Brooke stayed close to Leo, and the two did not seem interested in pursuing anyone else. Realizing the situation, William “Will” Gagnon ended up talking to Brooke and reminded her of exactly why she had entered the show.

The frank conversation helped her concentrate her attention somewhere else, specifically on Ollie. Despite their shaky start, the two instantly connected after they started conversing, and the UK native was sure that they had something concrete. In fact, apart from the first and fourth ceremonies, the two were always each other’s chosen partners. While they were quite happy to converse with each other, neither of them was sure just how to take their relationship forward.

The credit for Brooke and Ollie getting together can be laid at the feet of Brendan Mosca and Julia-Ruth Smith, the first confirmed match of season 9. Before the sixth match-up ceremony, the two were invited to share their wisdom with other cast members and help them understand what to look for in their partners. The couple was then asked to pick one pair to send into the truth booth. Aware of the genuine bond between Brooke and Ollie and how much Leo still cared for the former, Brendan and Julia-Ruth sent the pair to the Truth Booth, where their status as a Perfect Match was confirmed.

Brooke and Ollie Are Likely Still Dating

As of writing, Brooke and Ollie have not made any announcements regarding the status of their relationship. The two do follow each other on Instagram and even interact frequently and publically using the platform’s comment section on each other’s posts(as seen below). Despite her complicated history with Leo, Brooke’s affection for Ollie is quite evident to the show’s fans to see. Hence, few were surprised about their status as each other’s chosen partners.

Regardless of their romantic lives, Brooke and Ollie seem to be doing well for themselves. Both of them have been quite positive about their time as reality TV participants and have been happily promoting the Paramount+ series. Ollie also takes pride in his position as the Founder of Ping Culture and an Experience Expert. Both television stars have gained many admirers who cannot help but be happy about them finding each other. We also wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future.

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