Brendan and Julia Ruth From Are You the One: Are They Still Dating?

The journey of Brendan Mosca and Julia-Ruth Smith in Paramount+’s ‘Are You The One?‘ season 9 captured the attention of the viewers from the very start. Their undeniable chemistry and the initial “will-they-won’t-they” phase led to an ultimately romantic storyline that many could not help but sigh over. Both reality TV stars had come to be a part of the experiment that would allow them to find love. Their time together certainly seemed to be fulfilling that aim though the journey was not all that smooth. Naturally, people are eager to know if the two are still together, and we are here to find out the same!

Brendan and Julia-Ruth’s Are You The One Journey

After entering the Paramount+ dating series, Brendan, a musician from Australia, was immediately attracted to New Zealand native Julia-Ruth. The two quickly hit it off and acknowledged that the other seemed to possess qualities that they would often like in their partners. This led to them ultimately spending the night together in a secluded room. However, the next morning brought a storm of doubts for Julia-Ruth, who could not help but wonder if she was falling back into her past patterns. Determined to not let her chance for a perfect match slip by, she decided to not pursue her connection with Brendan.

Though upset by the news, Brendan also decided to embrace the concept of the show and started talking to Ciara Cortez AKA CC and ended up spending his next night with her. For the first match-up ceremony, the musician chose to pair up with his new love interest. However, the night was declared a “blackout” as none of the couples had paired up with their perfect matches. Though Brendan and CC spent another night together, the former ultimately decided to break off things with the latter since they were not the intended partners for each other.

Meanwhile, Julia-Ruth decided to further her connection with Nathan Grant. The two seemed to be gravitating towards each other, though the New Zealand native was not happy with Nathan’s reserved nature and tendency to not open up. Soon, Brendan resolved to reignite his spark with Julia-Ruth and chose her as his partner during the third match-up ceremony. However, she remained determined to avoid Brendan, given his similarities to her past partners.

In the fourth challenge of the season, Brendan scored the lowest marks but certainly gained an advantage as he could take someone on a date with him. He immediately asked Julia-Ruth to accompany him, who ended up having a great time with him and admitted that she had purposefully blocked herself from Brendan as she felt that her perfect match might not be like her exes. However, the fellow house members seemed to think differently as they sent the two to the Truth Booth. It was revealed that Brendan and Julia-Ruth were indeed a perfect match.

Elated by finally being able to spend time with the woman meant for him, Brendan decided to look for Julia-Ruth when the celebration winded down. What he didn’t know was that she was having an intense conversation with Nathan, whom she had been interested in during the past few days. This led to Brendan walking on to Julia-Ruth straddling Nathan. Highly upset by what he had seen, the musician claimed that this was far from an ideal start for their relationship as his trust in her had shattered. After cooling down a bit, both agreed to start anew as friends, with Julia-Ruth determined to earn Brendan’s trust back.

Brendan and Julia-Ruth Still Are Keeping Their Dating Life Private

As of writing, Brendan and Julia-Ruth have not made any official announcements regarding the status of their relationship after their time on the show. However, they have been quite happy to promote the Paramount+ show and have been delighted by the support from the fans. For a romantic story that blossomed into existence since the first day of the night installment of the series, we want to believe they are still together, but we can’t be sure until either of the two reveal the truth.

Having said that, Brendan and Julia-Ruth do follow each other on Instagram, indicating that they are at least on good terms, if not possibly dating. Both of them seem to be thriving in their professional lives as well and have been quite thankful to their admirers for the success that they have attained. Meanwhile, Julia-Ruth has recently moved to London, UK, and seems eager to explore the new opportunities that life has to offer.

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