Are Buddy and Courtney From My Big Fat Fabulous Life Still Together?

Image Credit: Buddy Bell/Instagram

TLC’s ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ is an interesting reality series that chronicles Whitney Way Thore’s daily life full of drama yet with the hopeful message of body positivity. Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, she weighed 380 pounds at the beginning of the first season. Though Whitney tried to lose weight as much as possible, she gradually began learning to accept and love her body. The show follows her journey as she dances her way into happiness, runs her own business, and tries to find the love of her life.

Apart from Whitney, the show features some other people in her life, like her parents, friends, and other family members. One person whose journey the fans have invested in is her long-time friend Buddy Bell. He has been a constant in Whitney’s life, and his love interests have also inevitably featured in the show. Buddy’s endearing relationship with Courtney in season 9 thus made viewers curious about their status post the show. If you’re interested to know more about the couple, too, here’s what we found out!

Buddy and Courtney’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life Journey

Buddy AKA Luby Francis Bell III met and went on a date with Courtney Renee Marsh in October 2020. It was love at first sight for the former, as he felt an instant connection with her. Buddy had previous girlfriends that appeared on the show, but with Courtney, things seemed more organic as the feeling was mutual from both sides. They soon fell in love and became an official couple when Buddy posted their first picture together in November 2020.

Buddy and Courtney’s relationship moved forward pretty quickly, and the two soon began living together. As Buddy essentially resided in Whitney’s house as a roommate before living with Courtney, his abrupt shift to his girlfriend’s home did upset his friend. In fact, Whitney addressed that his absence for almost five months after moving in with Courtney left her feeling hurt and alone, and she missed seeing him. She did not like that his things were all around her place, but he wasn’t, so she preferred that he properly moved out. However, while Buddy understood Whitney’s point and intended to meet her, he said he was very happy living with Courtney.

Image Credit: Buddy Bell/Instagram

Buddy was very sure of his and Courtney’s relationship and said on the show, “My whole life changed with just one date, overnight, love at first sight… Things are just too perfect, you know? She’s sexy and beautiful and, like my body type, hilarious. She’s got a cool future lined up for her. It’s good. It’s really, really good.” Apart from this, he kept a low profile even on the show, and not much has been known about his girlfriend either. Thus, if you’re curious about what eventually happened between Buddy and Courtney and if they’re still together, here’s everything you need to know!

Are Buddy Bell and Courtney Marsh Still Together?

Fans would be glad to know that Buddy and Courtney are still going strong in their relationship. Moreover, he announced to his Instagram fans in December 2021 that he finally proposed to the latter, and she said yes! Interestingly, Buddy made a very thought-out romantic proposal and shared that he went with a lab-grown diamond to refrain from funding child slavery, along with melting down heirloom gold to make the beautiful ring.

Presently, Buddy and Courtney seem ecstatic about living and enjoying life together. They love traveling, especially to different beaches, and share a cute dog named Scout. In addition, Buddy often shares quirky posts with his fiancée, sharing their regular activities with fans. He also frequently mentions how lucky he feels to be with a woman like Courtney, and she seems to feel the same way in his pictures too. Besides, the couple has recently commenced their wedding preparations in full swing and are planning for their big day.

On the professional front, Buddy has been busy building his career- he completed his graduation around the same time he and Courtney got engaged. On top of that, he has been sober for more than five years, hosts his podcast show called ‘This Podcast Doesn’t Matter!’ and is part of a music band. Both Buddy and Courtney are working hard to build a happy and successful life for themselves, and we wish the sweet couple the best for their future together.

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