Are Choi Ye-rin and Lee Ji-min From Nineteen to Twenty Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Nineteen to Twenty‘ will melt your heart if you enjoy heartwarming romantic stories. The Korean reality series follows teenagers about to turn 20 as per their Korean birthdays. Many cast members form meaningful relationships during their time together, though understanding one’s emotions is far from simple. Consider Choi Ye-rin and Lee Ji-min, who came together thanks to unexpected circumstances but soon became the viewers’ favorite. If you are wondering whether the two are still together, get ready to explore the same with us!

Choi Ye-rin and Lee Ji-min’s Nineteen to Twenty Journey

When they entered the 19 School, Ye-rin and Ji-min were initially interested in other people. While the former gravitated towards Moon Se-yeon, the latter first became intrigued by Jeong Seo-yeong before falling for Jeong Ji-woo. Initially, it did seem like Ye-rin and Se-yeon might indeed start dating in the future. However, as time passed, the latter developed more interest in Ji-woo, to whom Ji-min and Lim Jung-yun were also attracted.

After moving to the 20 House, Ye-rin’s attention was split between Se-yeon and Kim Pyeong-seok, but she was unsure how to proceed. When the former honestly confessed that he was interested in pursuing Ji-woo, though he admitted to having once been interested in her, Ye-rin was quite upset. On the other hand, Ji-min saw Ji-woo and Jung-yun getting closer and was upset that Se-yeon had also asked Ji-woo on a date.

Ye-rin made up her mind and decided that she would wait on Se-yeon until he chose to take someone on a dream date, either her or Ji-woo. She also told Pyeong-seok she would like to take him on her dream date. Additionally, she asked the latter out for a casual date. However, before that, Ye-rin and Ji-min also went on a casual date, though they soon started getting more comfortable around each other.

In fact, towards the end of their date, Ye-rin and Ji-min realized that they could indeed have something romantic between them. The latter was especially smitten when he saw her tying up her hair. During her casual date with Pyeong-seok, she also got clarification that he was not interested in pursuing anyone but Noh Hee-ji. As such, when Ji-min asked Ye-rin out on his dream date, forgoing his possible date with Ji-woo, she is overwhelmed and started crying before accepting the proposal.

However, Ji-min soon learned that Ye-rin had once wanted to be the one Se-yeon would take on a dream date, along with her initial idea of taking Pyeong-seok on her dream date. Upset by the revelations, he decided to use her dream date ticket for their next outing instead of his own. Before doing that, he asked her for some clarification, leading to a fight between them, and neither signed up for a dream date.

Ultimately, Ye-rin and Ji-min decided to clear things up, with the former emphasizing that her plans were made before she had ever gone on a date with him and realized their potential. They then decided to go on another casual date, where they got to know each other better and grew closer. They certainly reaped the benefits of their decision when, after much discussion and a tense game of rock, paper, and scissors, they got to go on an overnight trip to Jeju, South Korea. During this trip, they grew closer and confessed their feelings for each other while watching the sunrise.

Are Choi Ye-rin and Lee Ji-min Still Together?

While Ye-rin and Ji-min did not have the smoothest time in the Netflix show, their time together helped them grow. As of writing, neither one of them has shared any news regarding their present status as a couple. That said, we are optimistic that they are indeed still together. After all, the two still follow each other on Instagram and seem quite positive when talking about their on-screen experience. Whether or not they are together, we wish them the best in their lives and hope all their dreams and aspirations come true.

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