Lim Jung-yun and Jeong Ji-woo: Is The Nineteen to Twenty Duo Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Nineteen to Twenty‘ is a heartwarming Korean reality show you cannot miss out on. The series follows various teenagers about to cross one of the most important milestones in their lives as their 20th Korean birthday approaches. Between all the love, drama, and heartbreak, several of the cast members formed meaningful relationships. This includes Lim Jung-yun and Jeong Ji-woo, whose journey together was full of several turns and twists. But are the two still together? Well, we are here to explore the same!

Lim Jung-yun and Jeong Ji-woo’s Nineteen to Twenty Journey

When Jung-yun entered the 19 School, he did not seem romantically interested in any of his female classmates. However, the entry of Ji-woo on Day 3 turned things around as he immediately fell head over heels for her. Given his background as a student of an all-boys school, Jung-yun was highly unsure of how to approach her. While Ji-woo was also interested in him, she also started to form connections with others like Moon Se-yeon and Lee Ji-min.

During their trip to the amusement park, while they were still school students, Jung-yun and Ji-woo sat together on a Ferris wheel, which allowed them to connect more, though the former’s shyness continued. In fact, it was not until they moved to the 20 House and became official adults that the two grew closer. Many cast members decided to take advantage of their first day as an adult by going on dates. Yet, Jung-yun took a slower approach and spent time with Ji-woo before asking her for a casual date.

Not long after Ji-woo consented to go on a date with Jung-yun, she and Se-yeon had a serious talk where the latter confessed his feelings for her, asking her out on a date. Admiring his honesty and bravery, she agreed to the same, though she did inform him about her date with Jung-yun that was to take place the next day. Early the next morning, Ji-min also asked Ji-woo out on a date, and she once again said yes, this time scheduling the meet-up to take place the evening after her date with Se-yeon.

While Ji-woo was most excited to go on a date with Jung-yun, she became frustrated with his lack of openness regarding his feelings for her. Even when she attempted to make him admit that he might be jealous that two other guys had asked her out on a date, he chose not to verbalize his honest thoughts, which irked her, as she was unsure how he felt about her. Ji-woo’s next date with Se-yeon felt like a breath of fresh air for her as he was more than open about his feelings for her.

Conflicted about her feelings for both Jung-yun and Se-yeon, Ji-woo kept waiting for any form of confession of romantic feelings from the former, especially since she had claimed that he was her top priority. Hence, when she saw him animatedly discussing the dream date that Choi Seo-hyeon had asked him out on, she felt heartbroken, wondering why he never seemed so excited about her.

Realizing how upset he had made Ji-woo, Jung-yun talked to her, explaining that he was only going to go on a casual date with Seo-hyeon and promised that he was saving his dream date for her and that he would be happy to go on the same very next day. The next morning, before the two could finalize their plans, Se-yeon asked Ji-woo for a casual date, and she agreed to sort out her feelings. This confused and upset Jung-yun, who claimed he would not fight for her. However, during most of her date with Se-yeon, Ji-woo’s find was focused on Jung-yun, something that the former also noticed and accepted, even though the development deeply hurt him.

After returning from the date, Ji-woo talked with Jung-yun, and they agreed that they liked each other more than anyone else in the house. Their subsequent dream date, for which they went glamping, was also well spent. That said, Ji-woo was highly apologetic that she had been unable to understand her feelings sooner and unintentionally hurt Se-yeon. During the task, when all the cast members had to confess their true feelings for each other, she and Jung-yun verbalized their evident affection for each other and agreed to be with each other even outside the show.

Lim Jung-yun and Jeong Ji-woo: No Update Yet on the Dating Status

Jung-yun and Ji-woo seem to be doing quite well in their lives. The two have not yet shared any updates regarding their status as a couple. However, given the intensity of their feelings for each other, which we saw in the Netflix show, we are optimistic that they might still be dating each other. Additionally, the fact that both Jung-yun and Ji-woo follow each other on Instagram does seem like a positive indication of a continued relationship between the two. Nevertheless, we wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future.

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