Are Chris and Olivia From Love Island Still Together?

Love Island‘ is a British dating series set on a remote island, where participants are brought to a villa and are cut off from the rest of the world. From the very first day, the competitors have to find someone to couple with. Throughout the season, new contestants enter the show and recoupling takes place every week. Anyone who ends up single has to leave the island for good. In the end, they have to win over the public and get the most votes as the winning couple is awarded £50,000.

Season 3 of the series saw Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood as frontrunners for the top prize. The couple garnered a lot of attention from the viewers and amassed a significant fan following. However, their relationship status came under fire on more than one occasion. Fans of the series are curious to know what the two reality stars are up to, and we have just the info you need.

Chris and Olivia’s Love Island Journey

Olivia Attwood entered the show on Day 1 as a 26-year-old Motorsport Grid Girl from Surrey, England. She connected with Marcel Somerville and coupled up for the first week. Day 4 saw 22-year-old Gloucestershire native Chris Hughes make his entrance on the show. A Golf clothing ambassador by profession, Chris was excited to find love in the isolated villa. Chris and Olivia shared a good bond and undeniable chemistry from the get-go.

Chris and Olivia were all but confirmed to be together until the entry of footballer Mike Thalassitis on Day 12, who seemed to check all the boxes for Olivia. The coupling on Day 14 saw Mike picking Olivia, and the two got together. However, Olivia couldn’t stay away from Chris for too long. Many contestants and viewers wondered who Olivia would choose in the end. Well, the answer came loud and clear when Olivia and Chris kissed each other behind Mike’s back.

The news spread around the villa quickly, and Marcel told Mike about the incident. This enraged the footballer, who decided to be done with Olivia. The two soon sat down and had an honest heart-to-heart conversation regarding the situation. Mike admitted that he did not have the same level of chemistry with Olivia that Chris seemed to have with her. On Day 20, Olivia chose Chris as her partner, and Mike had to leave the island. From their first coupling, Chris and Olivia stayed together throughout the show. However, their journey was not all roses.

Chris and Olivia got into several fights, with one of the most memorable ones coming after a task. The challenge was based on what the public tweeted about the contestants. It ended up revealing that Olivia had said she would not mind sleeping with Mike in the hideaway. Despite their turbulent journey, Chris and Olivia made it to the finals and came third overall. However, their tense time on the show had many speculate about how long will the two last. Did their chemistry fizzle out once they got outside the villa and into the real world? Well, here’s what we know about the same!

Are Chris and Olivia Still Together?

No, Chris and Olivia are not together anymore. They split up approximately seven months after their time on the show, and the fallout was not pretty. After their time on ‘Love Island,’ the two got their own spin-off series ‘Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On.’ However, the show was full of fights between the two as they argued over almost every issue. The spin-off series ended up with just three episodes instead of six as intended because Chris and Olivia broke up midway during the filming process.

Since the start of the series, it was evident that not all was well between Olivia and Chris. The former refused to move into the luxury house the two had bought, claiming their relationship was too fragile for such a huge step. Just before their final split, the two fought publically at the National Television Awards after-party in 2018, when Olivia accused Chris of groping other girls. After that, the two talked to their close friends and family, who all claimed that the relationship was not right for them.

In the final conversation between Chris and Olivia, the two laid down everything they found wrong in their relationship. The talk was caught on camera as both admitted that the relationship was too volatile to be sustainable. Chris suggested they should part ways as they were unhappy with each other. When Olivia accused him of taking the easy way out and walking away, he claimed to still love her. However, he added, breaking up might be their only option, no matter how much it hurts.

After the split was confirmed, several speculation and claims were high in the air regarding what might have actually prompted the two to break up. While many accused Olivia of secretly cozying up to her ex, footballer Bradley Dack, those on her side claimed she gave up after Chris humiliated her too many times. In May 2021, Olivia proclaimed that her relationship with Chris was all-consuming and toxic. “I thought when I was in Love Island that was it. I was so done with him but then I ended up in another relationship that ended up being so toxic and all-consuming,” she told MailOnline.

Apparently, her breakup with Chris prompted Olivia to mend her relationship with Bradley Dack. That particular relationship seems to be going quite well, with the pair getting engaged in October 2019 in Dubai. After his split from Olivia, Chris dated singer Jesy Nelson from January 2019 to April 2020. As of writing, Chris is dating Annabel Dimmock, a professional golfer, making it official in August 2021. In an interview with MailOnline in January 2022, Chris shared that he hopes to propose to his girlfriend soon. We wish them all the best for their future and hope they find happiness and joy in their lives.

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