Are Christina and John From Extreme Sisters Still Together?

Image Credit: Christina Manning/Instagram

TLC’s ‘Extreme Sisters‘ is a reality series that revolves around five pairs of sisters who are inseparable and almost obsessed with each other. Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan are two twins featured on the show. The former’s relationship with John Zloty was intolerable for Jessica, and it was almost hard to watch the two constantly fighting and arguing with each other. So, how badly has that affected the partnership between Christina and John, and have they already parted ways due to their repeated mistakes? Let’s find out!

Christina and John’s Extreme Sisters Journey

Christina is a 40-year-old psychic and reiki healer who met John, a 27-year-old athlete and fitness enthusiast, and they both fell in love. The audience was first introduced to the duo in season 1. John was supportive of Christina and was accepting of her son from her previous husband. The couple had only dated for a few months but wanted to take their relationship to the next level, so they moved in together.

Image Credit: Christina Manning/Instagram

As revealed by John during one episode, this was his first serious relationship. Even though there were a few problems between the two, they seemed willing to sort them out. However, John couldn’t get along with Jessica at all. She strongly believed that he was sabotaging their bond and wanted her twin sister all to himself.

In one instance, Jessica even mocked John and told him the relationship wasn’t “going anywhere.” In a confessional, John spoke about how we won’t allow her to walk all over him as she did over Christina for years. Eventually, Christina broke down crying because she couldn’t tolerate their behavior anymore.

By season 2, the couple was already married, and they discussed having a child together. But the presence of Jessica was still a problem for both. John did not want Jessica to be anywhere near her sister during the entire process of birthing their baby. The two argued a lot and finally tried to rule out their differences, as Christina opted for a home birth.

So, it is evident that more than his wife, John had problems with her twin sister. But were they serious enough to rip apart their relationship?

Are Christina and John Still Together?

Yes, Christina and John are still together. The couple reportedly got married in August 2021 and held a private ceremony for the wedding. On February 8, 2023, they announced a gender reveal on Instagram. The reel showcased John being blindfolded and Christina drawing a blue heart on his T-shirt, indicating that they are having a boy. Christina also wrote a sweet caption, she penned, “At first, John & I wanted to keep the baby’s gender a secret and wait until the baby was born. But we couldn’t wait! I wanted a girl super bad. John wanted a boy super bad.”


She previously shared another post, flaunting her baby bump. In the caption, she also praised her husband for being amazing. Christina wrote, “But mostly, I am honored to share this experience with the most amazing man. A man who took care of me when I was sick, held my hand when I would cry, and told me I was beautiful as I gained weight.”

She added, “A man who I have fallen more in love with as I see him be a Father. I didn’t have a Dad growing up, so I know how blessed my children are to have amazing male role models in their life. One thing I have got right in this life is that I have chosen really great men to have children with. I got it right with Maddox and Maelyn’s Dad, and I have won the jackpot with John. Feeling so so blessed and had to share.”

On February 18, 2023, John posted a picture of their baby and surprised the fans by giving a sneak peek of their little boy. So, the only remaining problem in their relationship is John’s clash with Jessica, but as seen in season 2, both of them are adamantly working on getting along with each other. On several occasions, John has also showered Christina with love and support, so their feelings seem quite mutual. Now, he only has to take a step in the right direction and resolve his issues with Jessica.

With that said, we can’t wait to see the new member of their family in ‘Extreme Sisters.’ As Christina and John’s well-wishers, we want to see them thrive and grow as a family and keep sharing their special moments with us through social media or their show.

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