Are Cody and Jessica From Big Brother Still Together?

Based on the Dutch show of the same name, ‘Big Brother’ is a reality TV juggernaut that has been producing unadulterated entertainment since its debut in 2000. The CBS reality show follows a group of participants referred to as “Houseguests” who live in a secluded custom-built house while being continually observed by cameras and microphones. In order to reap the most advantages, the contestants must participate in the daily tasks assigned to them. The contenders are eliminated one at a time every weekend, in accordance with the public vote.

Through their personalities and performances in the tasks, some participants achieve enormous fame, and some even wind up developing love relationships with other housemates. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were one such couple who generated a lot of attention throughout their connection in the Big Brother house in season 19 in 2017. Due to their proximity, their fans openly supported them. Now that it’s been years since the conclusion of the season, viewers must be interested to learn about their current relationship status. If you’re curious about the same, here’s what we found out!

Cody and Jessica’s Big Brother Journey

Cody and Jessica had a very interesting and dramatic journey in the show, which began in June 2017. Cody Nickson previously served in the United States Air Force and Marine Corps and joined the show when he was 32, while Jessica, an actress and model, was 27. Their story had a typical beginning with instant attraction and chemistry brewing from the first week itself. The closed environment in the house helped them become acquainted with each other quickly, and they soon began their romance, which many believed to be just “showmance.”

The pair complimented each other well and were able to form a strong alliance against their competitors. Not many in the house were fond of the couple, and they were targeted quite often in the various tasks and elimination sessions that were held in the house. They also faced a major challenge pretty early in week 2, when Cody was voted out by the other housemates. Jessica had to sustain the competition alone for a while before Cody re-entered by winning the Battle Back Showdown. After his return in week 4, their connection grew even stronger even though people were still trying to vote them out.

The couple witnessed many feuds and shared several loved-up moments in their journey. However, Jessica got eliminated on day 51 and Cody followed soon after, in the next week. Although the couple could not compete till the end of the season, they formed an intense and loving relationship in the show, which the viewers noticed and adored. Since it has been nearly five years to the conclusion of season 19, many must be wondering whether Cody and Jessica were able to grow their connection further and are still together, or did they break up after encountering the ebbs and flows of the real world?

Are Cody and Jessica Still Together?

Yes, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are still together. The beloved couple has successfully managed to keep their love and spark alive and went through several milestones together. They graced the platform of ‘Big Brother’ season 20 as hosts of the Power of Veto Competition. Then, they competed as a couple in season 30 of ‘The Amazing Race.’ Cody and Jessica’s strong bond eventually helped them win the reality show and take home the $1 million grand prize. At the time, they were the first team from a different CBS franchise to win ‘The Amazing Race’ competition.

The couple achieved their first major milestone when they got engaged in February 2018. The couple revealed in September 2018 that they were having their first child together; a month later, they confirmed they were pregnant with a girl. The wedding of Cody and Jessica took place on October 14, 2018. They welcomed Maverick, their first daughter, in March 2019. The pair later gave birth to two more daughters, Carter York in October 2020 and Atlas Ruby in July 2022. Cody also has a 10-year-old daughter named Paisley from his previous relationship.

Cody and Jessica are living the best life fulfilling all their dreams together and traveling various places around the world. They completed the building process of their family’s dream home recently, which they believe is another major milestone in their lives. The two genuinely seem to appreciate each other, which is evident through their social media posts. They often express gratitude for having met each other in the most dramatic setting ever. Well, with so much going on in their lives and the couple balancing every aspect of it seamlessly, we only wish them love and happiness for their future together.

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