Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman: Is the RHOA Couple Still Together?

While readers might know Drew Sidora from her appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ she entered the entertainment industry in 1995 when she portrayed Angela in the TV movie ‘Divas.’ Although the talented actress went on a hiatus for a few years after that, she returned with a minor role on a 2003 episode of ‘What I Like About You’ and, in the following year, went on to act as Ella in ‘Never Die Alone’ and Shaunice in ‘White Chicks.’ She has never looked back since and currently has several successful roles under her belt, including Lucy Avila in ‘Step Up,’ Chantel in ‘That’s So Raven, Rebecca in ‘Farmhouse,’ Genesis Winters in ‘One Love,’ and Paige in ‘Hindsight.’

Moreover, Drew has dipped her toe into the music industry, and apart from signing a record deal with Slip-n-Slide Records, she went on to appear in several music videos alongside established artists. On the other hand, her husband, Ralph Pittman, is the founder and CEO of My Mind Music, through which he curates therapeutic music that increases the quality of life. Incidentally, the couple married in 2014 and even share two children. However, with news of a possible divorce, fans are eager to find out if Ralph and Drew are still together. Well, fret not because we come bringing answers!

Ralph and Drew’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Journey

Drew Sidora met Ralph Pittman while promoting the Lifetime movie ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.’ She later mentioned that she and her son, Josiah, were getting out of their car at a hotel in Los Angeles when the latter’s football tumbled out of the vehicle. Ralph, who was nearby, watched the incident unfold and immediately went to help Josiah. Soon he engaged the child in a conversation, and Drew was in awe of how caring and gentle he was. Incidentally, the first date she and Ralph went on reportedly lasted for over 12 hours, and the two soon knew that they were perfect for each other.

Readers will be glad to know that Ralph and Drew’s initial relationship was quite happy, and the couple was overjoyed when they finally got engaged. Eventually, they tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in August 2014 before settling down and planning a future together. Since Drew has always been quite public about her relationships, fans got a glimpse of the couple’s incredible marriage during the early days, and the love they shared was quite apparent.

Besides, the two dreamt of building a family and were thrilled when she got pregnant with their first child, Machai, who came into this world in June 2015. Subsequently, the pair welcomed their daughter, Aniya, in February 2018, and Ralph developed an incredible bond with Josiah, Drew’s 11-year-old son from her previous relationship. Even though the couple appeared to lead a perfect life, rumors about alleged infidelity began plaguing their relationship in early 2020.

Furthermore, while on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ in December 2020, Drew revealed that she and her husband underwent a separation earlier that year, and she had no idea about his whereabouts for almost three days. Although Ralph returned home soon after, the sudden separation led to several complications in their relationship, and the two decided to visit a marriage counselor. On top of it, season 13 of ‘RHOA’ made it quite apparent that he and Drew had numerous unaddressed issues in their marriage, which came to the forefront during filming.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Have Parted Ways

By the time season 14 of ‘RHOA’ started filming, Drew and Ralph were almost on the verge of splitting up. However, the actress finally reached her breaking point around May 2022 when she discovered her husband was allegedly getting close to his female assistant. Readers should note that the infidelity accusations have never been confirmed, but Drew decided the best course would be to leave for Chicago with her children. Additionally, even though she returned shortly after and even lived under the same roof with Ralph for a few more months, it was clear that their marriage was ending.

Eventually, in February 2023, both Drew and Ralph submitted separate petitions for divorce claiming irreconcilable differences. Yet, even though the latter asked for joint legal and physical custody of their children, his estranged wife lobbied for temporary joint legal custody and permanent primary physical custody. Reports also mention that in her divorce petition, the RHOA star accused her husband of adultery as well as financial, mental, and physical abuse. Thus, although the courts are yet to rule on the custody petitions, we are sorry to report that Drew and Ralph aren’t together and are about to confirm their divorce.

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