Are Emily and Kobe From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ portrays a detailed case study of cross-border relationships by focusing on US citizens who are engaged to foreign nationals. Although the foreign nationals come to the US on a K-1 visa, they are allowed a total of 90 days within which they have to marry or face deportation. However, ironing out all issues, especially differences in habits, cultures, and lifestyles, is next to impossible within such a short time. Thus, the 90 days are loaded with romance, drama, and even heartbreak which adds to the excitement of the show.

By the time Emily and Kobe Blaise were introduced in season 9, they were already proud parents to a baby. However, Kobe was forced to stay away from his son as he could not secure a K-1 visa. Nevertheless, with the show portraying Kobe’s arrival in the United States, fans are curious to know if the couple is still together. Let’s find out, shall we?

Kobe and Emily’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

When Emily got an opportunity to teach English in the Chinese city of Xi’an for two months, she grabbed it with both hands. As fate would have it, the US citizen soon came across Cameroon native Kobe Blaise in a Xi’an nightclub. As Kobe and Emily were both staying away from home, they sought comfort in each other and soon began dating. Emily mentioned that they were both sexually active during their time in China. Within a week, Kobe proposed to Emily, who was happy to accept. However, in another twist of fate, Emily also found out that she was pregnant.

After deciding to keep the baby, Emily returned to the US due to her condition. Since Emily’s return to her homeland, Kobe had only seen their child, Koban, through video calls and was naturally quite excited to meet him face to face. When he did come to the US, things got a little challenging. As Emily and Kobe had lived apart for so long, they faced several difficulties during their time together.

For starters, Emily felt like Kobe was disturbing Koban’s routine and tried to keep him away from his child. She even asked Kobe to sleep in a separate room and was fiercely defensive when her fiance mentioned that breastfeeding someone as old as Koban was unnatural in his culture. Naturally, Kobe just wanted to spend some quality time with his son and was disappointed with Emily’s behavior. The show often portrayed him on the brink of tears, although he tried his best to adjust to his fiancee’s family. Further issues arose when Emily had to go to work, leaving Koban in Kobe’s care.

As the US national had been a single mother for so long, giving up some of the perks of parenting seemed really tough for her. Moreover, Emily even mentioned that she subscribed to the “her way or the highway” sentiment and claimed she would not tolerate it if Kobe did something without her permission. Unfortunately, this led to several arguments between the two, and with Emily’s family taking her side, it was pretty tough for Kobe to remain calm.

Are Emily and Kobe Blaise Still Together?

Fans would be delighted to know that as things currently stand, it does seem like Emily and Kobe have managed to make their relationship work. While they faced numerous issues and obstacles during their journey, it looks like the couple never lost sight of their goal and took charge of keeping the love they have for each other alive. Besides, the existence of Koban also helped bring the pair together, as they knew they had to be strong for the life they had brought into this world.

While Kobe and Emily still have all of their old pictures up on Instagram, Kobe recently posted a picture of them with a simple caption that reads, “Somewhere safe.” A fan tried to affirm if they were still together by asking the reality star directly, to which Kobe replied, “we were meant for each other forever.” Additionally, Kobe also has pictures of his son on his Instagram page and seems to be leading a comfortable family life. While it is heartwarming to witness the couple’s love story, we hope they remain happy in the years to come.

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