Are Manel and Santi From First Class Still Together?

If you are intrigued by the lives of the rich and famous, Netflix’s ‘First Class’ will be right up your alley. The interesting reality show revolves around a bunch of successful friends living in Barcelona who claim they were all born with the gift to enjoy life. Although the group comprises people from different fields and professions, they share a love for exclusive events, extravagant parties, and a luxurious life. As the camera follows them around in their daily lives, we see the cast navigate their way through the top rung of society while dealing with drama and romance, which keeps things exciting.

Although Archie Alled Martinez AKA Manel and Santiago Riveiro AKA Santi have been friends since they were 15, they gradually lost touch and grew apart. However, to their surprise, the fellow cast members set up Manel and Santi to go on a date, hoping it would lead to something wonderful. Well, are the two still together? Let’s find out, shall we?

Manel and Santi’s First Class Journey

The show introduced Manel as a successful designer who has his own studio in Barcelona. For the better part of season 1, cameras documented him as he put his affairs in order and got ready to launch his new clothing line. The months leading up to a launch are always quite exhausting, and Manel could feel the pressure as he and his colleagues fought against the clock to bring some of their most fabulous creations to life. Furthermore, he was appointed as the Creative Director of the fashion powerhouse Karl Lagerfeld, further increasing his duties and responsibilities.

Even amid such a busy schedule, Manel always found time for his friends and attended the parties he got invited to. Still, he had absolutely no idea that the rest of the cast was planning to set him up with someone he already knew. When Manel was first informed of the date, he refused to go and mentioned that he would not be able to fit it into his schedule. The designer appeared utterly against the idea, and at one point, his friends felt like the date might fail. Nevertheless, at the very last moment, Manel gave his consent and was pleasantly surprised to find Santi waiting for him in the restaurant.

Interestingly, Manel and Santi go way back as they have been best friends since they were teenagers. Although they never dated exclusively, Santi, now an Editor of a popular food and travel blog, claimed their relationship was unique and extremely special. Naturally, they had a fantastic date as two old friends, and Manel was visibly beaming with joy on his way back home. Also, when his friends later pressured him for the details, Manel exclaimed that he was delighted at how things went.

Are Manel and Santi Still Together?

Though there has been no confirmation from their end yet, Manel and Santi are likely not together anymore. Apart from having a wonderful time during the date, Santi was invited as a surprise guest to Manel’s birthday party. The Barcelona-based designer was almost moved to tears when he spotted Santi and later mentioned that he loved how his friends accepted the latter into their circle.

Sadly, Manel and Santi’s romance seems to have dimmed since then, and the two do not feature on each other’s social media profiles either. However, it could be still be possible that they are, in fact, together and just prefer to keep their equation under wraps. Therefore, although we would love to be proven wrong about their split, recent developments make it seem like Manel and Santi have gone their separate ways and are leading independent lives.

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