Are Flor and Nico From Too Hot to Handle: Latino Still Together?

Like its original version, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle: Latino,’ also known as ‘Jugando con Fuego: Latino’ (Playing With Fire), is an alluring dating series wherein sexually driven singles step into paradise, only for it to become a personal prison. After all, to help them move on from shallow connections, they are placed under a complete sex ban. There is a $100,000 reward for the group, yet each rule break results in the deduction of the prize pot. With that said, Flor and Nico seemed to be the one pair who tried building a relationship while also having genuine fun. So, here’s what we know about the pair.

Flor and Nico: Too Hot to Handle: Latino Journey

Flor Zaccanti and Nico Rodriguez are both natives of Argentina; thus, they found good common ground as soon as they met. There’s no denying that they caught each other’s eyes, but the self-proclaimed people person and mama’s boy did share a short and sweet kiss with fellow contestant Zaira first. But since it was part of a little game, no one cared much about it. But his first sincere lip-lock on the show was with Flor after they discussed Mate (a caffeine-rich infused drink). All of this occurred before Lana even came into the retreat to announce her no intimacy rules.

That night, having realized the sizzling chemistry between them, Flor and Nico coupled up and shared a bed. They kissed some more and had a few great conversations. But unlike any other duo, they did not have sex. They both equally wanted to, but they chose to take things slow because they had no idea what would come next. When the sex ban eventually came to light, the pair regretted their decision, yet they also appeared happy to just stick by one another. In the time that followed, Flor broke several rules by kissing her partner and others. But Nico didn’t mind it because it was girls and it was in front of him for fun. So, here is where the duo stands today.

Are Flor and Nico Still Together?

On the surface, Flor Zaccanti and Nico Rodriguez’s bond seems to be based solely upon physical attraction, but that is not entirely true. If it was, why would Nico concede that he’s sensitive and cares more than he lets on or admit that he’s happy to know what Flor really thought of him? During an activity in the workshop, Flor wrote “phony” as a point she disliked about him, so he knew he had to be more open. On the flip side, she also deemed him a “good” man, which matters a lot these days. In short, if they elect to stop keeping secrets from their group and stay on the path they’re on, we don’t see why they won’t end up together.

From what we can tell from their social media platforms, Flor and Nico still have an involvement, except its specific nature is unclear as of writing. But we are staying optimistic and assuming that they’re in a romantic relationship for a few reasons. Not only do they continue to follow each other on Instagram, but they also do not have to worry too much about long-distance. Moreover, Flor and Nico are both in the entertainment industry, so they can genuinely understand the other’s profession and maybe even grow into a power couple. After all, while Flor is an actress and artist, Nico is a signed fashion model and public figure.

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