Are Gabriel and Thaynara From Too Hot to Handle Brazil Still Together?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,’ AKA ‘Brincando com Fogo: Brasil,’ is based on the popular reality showToo Hot to Handle.’ The dating series features several young men and women who have always preferred casual flings over meaningful relationships. During their time on the show, the cast members are encouraged by AI host Lana to form emotional bonds without engaging in any sexual activities. Each season, the cast members start off with R$500,000, from which money is deducted for every infraction.

Season 2 of the reality show was released recently, and fans could not help but be interested in the relationships that formed in the series. One such couple who caught the eye of the viewers was Gabriel Veiga and Thaynara “Thay” Gonçalves. However, their time on the show was not as smooth as they might have hoped for, which has made many curious about the current status of their relationship. Are they still dating each other, or have they decided to separate? If you are eager for the answers as well, here is what we know about the same!

Gabriel Veiga and Thaynara Gonçalves’ Too Hot to Handle: Brazil Journey

Participants Gabriel Veiga and Thaynara “Thay” Gonçalves entered ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil’ season 2 in the installment’s second episode. However, instead of connecting with some of the previous residents of the house, the duo found themselves attracted to each other and were ready to explore the same. During their first few days on the show, the couple took things slowly and started to develop their emotional bond.

Midway through their time on the show, some of the participants were invited to a boat party, including Thay. When the partygoers returned to the retreat, it was revealed that they did break some of the show’s rules. This upset Gabriel as he realized that Thay had not been completely faithful to him. Things got worse when Lana went ahead and showed exactly what happened at the boat party, which included some physically intimate moments between Thay and Italo Lopes. This further upset Gabriel and Thay admitted that she would not have liked it had the situation been reversed between herself and Gabriel.

The couple decided to talk about their feelings with each other and vowed to be truthful and honest during their upcoming time. For the remaining part of the series, the couple indeed progressed by leaps and bounds at the emotional level and were given many green light moments by Lana to indulge in kissing without consequences. During the final moments of the show, Gabriel and Thaynara were still a couple. However, many are curious if they were able to continue the relationship after the show.

Are Gabriel Veiga and Thaynara Gonçalves Still Together?

Yes, Gabriel Veiga and Thaynara Gonçalves are indeed still together. Since the release of ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil’ season 2 in late September 2022, the two have not been shy about their status as a couple. They recently shared a picture of kissing each other in Salvador, Brazil, effectively telling everyone about their affection for each other. Apart from posting content with each other, they also take time to shower each other with compliments on social media through the comment section.

As of writing, Gabriel works as a Model, while Thaynara is a Ballerina and a Model. Both of them are affiliated with MM Estratégia de Imagem for their career management. The duo often shares pictures with their large number of social media followers. During their free time, they like to spend time with their close ones and enjoy life to the fullest. We wish them the best in their future ventures and hope they have a wonderful life ahead.

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