Are Hawk and Jason Dead In Titans?

Titans‘ is a superhero series based on the uber-popular characters appearing in DC Comics. Over the course of the show’s three seasons, fans have come to know and love a wide variety of heroes, and the ranks of Titans have continued to expand. Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Jason Todd (Curran Walters) are among the most popular characters on the show, who have taken the spotlight in the early episodes of season 3.

However, this also means that they find themselves in more danger than ever before. After all, being a hero means putting your life on the line time and again. Do Jason and Hawk perish while facing some of the evil supervillains? If you are looking for a definitive answer about the heroes’ fates, here’s everything you need to know!

Is Hawk Dead In Titans?

Hank Hall is one-half of the crime-fighting duo known as Hawk & Dove. He first appears in the second episode of the show titled ‘Hawk & Dove’ and is one of Dick Grayson’s oldest allies along with his girlfriend Dawn Granger/Dove. He is a part of the original line-up of the Titans and is known for his aggressive and hot-headed approach to situations.

By the time the third season picks up, he and Dawn are broken up. When Dawn receives a call from Dick to help with the Red Hood situation in Gotham City, Hank follows her. Hank ends up becoming a target for the Red Hood. In the third season episode titled ‘Hank & Dove,’ Red hood lures Hank in a trap and attaches an EKG bomb to his chest. Dick assigns Conner the task of creating a device to deactivate the bomb.

However, by the time Conner arrives, Red Hood tricks Dawn into detonating the bomb, and Hank is blown into pieces. This is officially the end of Hank/Hawk’s journey on the show. Hawk’s death emotionally breaks Dawn and Conner, who blame themselves for his death. It also establishes Red Hood as a sinister threat that cannot be taken lightly. Ultimately, Hank’s egoistic nature is once again evident when he tries to take on Red Hood alone. It is this aspect of his personality that seals his fate but ushers the arcs of other characters in a new direction.

Is Jason Dead In Titans?

Unlike Hawk, the other hot-headed and impulsive hero on the Titans’ roster, Jason Todd, isn’t actually dead. Jason is introduced in the first season episode titled ‘Together.’ He is the second person after Dick to take up the mantle of Robin. In the third season premiere, it is revealed that the Joker murdered Jason. However, it is subsequently revealed that Jason is, in fact, alive and operating as the Red Hood. He targets Hank as a way to terrorize the Titans and Gotham City.

His transformation is later explained in the fifth episode of season 3, titled ‘Lazarus.’ After Jason’s therapy sessions lead to Bruce deciding to remove him from the role of Robin, he teams up with Scarecrow. Under the influence of a drug created from Scarecrow’s fear toxin, Jason faces the Joker and is killed. Scarecrow later revives him with the help of a Lazarus Pit.

After coming back to life, Jason assumes the identity of Red Hood and kills Hawk, which highlights how truly irredeemable he has become. His transformation into the Red Hood is a twisted mirror image of Dick’s attempts to step outside Batman’s shadow. It remains to be seen if Jason returns to the Titans or continues down the path of villainy.

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