Are Hayden and Kat From Survivor Still Together?

Since its debut in 2000, the reality seriesSurvivor’ has amassed a massive fan base. The wildly popular show takes a bunch of participants to a secluded island where they often form alliances and take care of their own needs for water, food, and shelter, all for a grand cash prize. Over 40+ seasons, the show’s exciting format that tests the contestant’s physical and mental stamina has helped with its high ratings and popularity. Season 27 of the show, titled ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water,’ saw ten pairs comprising a returning participant and a family member/loved one competing against each other.

Among the fearless contestants of the 27th installment were ‘Survivor: One World’ castaway Kat Edorsson and her boyfriend, Hayden Moss. Their chemistry and commitment to the competition gained them a huge fanbase. A decade has passed since the two concluded their journey on the show. Thus, their fans must be interested in learning about the current status of Hayden and Kat’s relationship. Well, here’s what we know!

Hayden and Kat’s Survivor Journey

Katrina Edorsson AKA Kat began her ‘Survivor’ journey at the age of 22 on ‘Survivor: One World,’ season 24 of the reality series that released in 2012. The now-33-year-old Orlando, Florida resident was a young and impressionable participant who made it through 33 days of the show before being voted out. Hayden Moss became a TV personality after winning season 12 of the reality show ‘Big Brother’ in 2010. The now-36-year-old is a native of Springtown, Texas.

Hayden and Kat started dating a little less than a year before they appeared together on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ in 2013. Being familiar with one another via their respective reality TV experiences, they had their first encounter at a reality event. They related to each other well due to their similar TV journeys, and a close relationship gradually began to form between them. Despite living in different cities because of their prior obligations (college and jobs), Hayden and Kat quickly fell in love.

When she was first offered the show, Kat was supposed to go on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ with her cousin. When he, and later, her sister and father were unable to attend the show, she was allowed to appear with Hayden. When they arrived at the show on Palaui Island in the Philippines, they were immediately divided into different teams. The couple, who were madly in love, had to stay apart even though they were on the same island.

Throughout the show, Kat and Hayden had a few tactical disagreements with their respective team members. They both went through their own journeys, but Kat was eliminated on day 17 of the show due to a strategic difference involving the Tribe Switch twist and the Redemption Island task. On the other hand, Hayden was eliminated on day 36. Now that they have been away from the show for so long, it’s natural for fans to wonder whether the couple is still together, and we’ve covered just that!

Are Hayden and Kat Still Together?

Although Kat and Hayden were passionately in love with each other post the show, they are now no longer together. In 2013, after the show ended, Kat talked fondly about their relationship with Entertainment Tonight saying, “We’re incredible. He’s the love of my life, he’s my best friend and we’re together.” However, fans were left disappointed when it was reported that the two broke up around June 2014. Although neither of them publicly announced their breakup, it is obvious that they moved on from one another and have subsequently dated other individuals.

Kat gave love another chance and found the love of her life in Alex Bogumil, who works in the real estate business. After dating for two years, the lovely couple got engaged on December 25, 2021. Alex has three lovely boys from his previous relationship. The couple also has a dog called Jax. Kat is a professional mentor for emerging female leaders and is the Vice President at AE Concepts, where she joined as a Client Manager in 2017.

Hayden, on the other hand, is in a relationship with Vanessa Jamiison, a recording artist as well as an incredible dancer. Hayden founded the start-up Digital Media Inc in 2013 but has been working as an Account Executive at 2Win!, an IT services and consulting company, since 2017. Thus, it seems like they both have moved on from their loving relationship into stronger ones and have also successfully grown in their respective careers.

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