Are Ibukun and Jada From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ is an unusual reality dating series as it proposes the notion of forging romantic connections irrespective of someone’s physical looks. In each episode, a young and eligible individual goes on dates with three prospects, from where they pick a partner to see if they can also be involved in the real world. However, until that decision is made, all of them have prosthetic make-up disguising their actual appearances. Despite that, contestants like Ibukun and Jada from season 2 have proven that compatibility alone can do wonders. So, here’s where they are now!

Ibukun and Jada’s Sexy Beasts Journey

As a Harvard University graduate (2018) with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in History, Science, and Economics, in his introduction on the Netflix original, Ibukun acknowledged that he’s been single for about two and a half years and is ready for a serious relationship. He added that his ideal companion is laid-back, goofy, and 100% authentic, especially since he loves to roast the people in his inner circle. In other words, if a partner takes herself too seriously, their bond won’t work out. Luckily, when Ibukun met his dates – Dani, Jada, and Oksana – he felt as if he got precisely what he needed.

With that said, Jada was the one who immediately impressed Ibukun with her confidence and “powerful presence.” Moreover, it was like she won his heart when she insisted that roasting was her love language. He even had a connection with Dani, so he picked these two for a second date, both of which went incredibly well. While he enjoyed playing mini-golf and having a laugh with the latter, it was his romantic boat ride and unfaltering banter with Jada that pulled at his heartstrings. Thus, although he jokingly called her a grandma for being a homebody, Jada was Ibukun’s “sexy beast.”

Are Ibukun and Jada Still Together?

When Ibukun was declaring Jada as his winner, he claimed that she made him feel “energized and alive,” something that’s extremely rare in the real world these days. Jada also affirmed that even without his looks, Ibukun seemed like the ideal man for her, appending, “this could possibly be love.” Thankfully, this mutual attraction was still present when they met face-to-face for the first time. He couldn’t say anything except “wow” repeatedly, whereas Jada said she was ready to fake excitement if she found him “ugly,” which she didn’t. “I do think this is the start of something new,” she concluded.

Unfortunately, from what we can tell, it doesn’t look like Ibukun and Jada are together anymore. There are no signs of the Florida-based student on the Georgia native’s social media platforms, and we also couldn’t find her online accounts, meaning that even though we can’t be too sure, it is very plausible for them to have parted ways for good. As for what they’re up to now, all we can confidently reveal is that Ibukun resides in Atlanta, where he works as a learning and development manager and actor. His credits include the short film ‘Exception to the Rule’ and ‘Dragon City,’ which is in pre-production.

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