Are Ida and Mateusz From Love Never Lies Poland Still Together?

Can love win the test of trust? Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ attempts to answer this question by putting long-term lovers to the test of love and loyalty. As a part of the beloved ‘Love Never Lies’ franchise, the Polish reality show features many young couples ready to prove their devotion to each other and bag the prize money. The show also uses a lie detector test called “eye detect” to get answers to some very uncomfortable questions that could make or break a relationship.

The very first season of the series featured several intriguing couples, including Ida Pyka and Mateusz Mróz. The two wanted to work on their communication skills and were eager to prove their love to each other. However, their time on the show was far from smooth and included some very interesting incidents. All this ultimately culminated in a spectacular ending that has left the public curious about the couple’s current status. Luckily, we are here to explore the same.

Ida and Mateusz’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

Ida and Mateusz entered the show to explore their relationship and resolve their past issues. While the pair had a tumultuous past, they said that all the troubles were in the past and they were looking forward to a brighter future. Although, when the time came for their first “eye detect” session, it was revealed that Ida had hidden their relationship on multiple occasions. Moreover, Mateusz felt she made him feel inferior and dominated him in certain areas.

Interestingly, Mateusz was by far the most loyal person on the show, which made his temptation, Laura, have absolutely the worst time. She said, “he would just as well take her (Ida’s) picture to the altar.” The recurring issue in Ida and Mateusz’s relationship was almost one-sided, where the latter constantly felt his partner was ashamed of the relationship. He believed that maybe that is why she never posted any pictures with him, only stories. He appeared afraid to lose his “faithful, loyal man” tag in front of Ida. Yet, when cameras weren’t rolling, he did exchange a hug with Laura.

Though the hug meant nothing, Mateusz felt guilty after seeing his action make his partner cry. Ida’s confessional revealed that she didn’t fully trust him due to his past (before their relationship). Besides, Mateusz claimed that her harsh words disappointed and badly affected him. Nevertheless, the couple reconciled in the end and were extremely happy to see each other again. The test confirmed that Mateusz had never been disloyal to Ida, and they agreed to work on their problems.

Are Ida and Mateusz Still Together?

Despite having several doubts about each other throughout the show, fans would be delighted to know that Ida and Mateusz are still together. Shortly after filming stopped, they moved into the former’s house together. According to the two, the experiment gave them a better understanding of their problems and how to deal with them. Ida and Mateusz appear to have concluded that their issues were more a result of their regular behavior than anything that occurred during their time on the show.

Albeit, the experiment helped the couple deal with everything more maturely and gave them the impression that their problems weren’t as severe as others. Not just that, Mateusz has acknowledged that he is improving his confidence. While they both like to keep their personal lives private, Ida is always eager to post images of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Rosie, on a special Instagram page. On the other hand, Mateusz is focusing on his career in transport and on improving himself daily. Hence, we wish the couple all the luck in the world and hope they succeed in their future endeavors!

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