Netflix’s Love Never Lies Poland: Exploring Every Filming Location

A spin-off of ‘Love Never Lies,’ Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ is a Polish reality TV series that pits together six different couples who are in for the ultimate test of love and honesty at a secluded yet luxurious villa, surrounded by mountains and open waters. The eye-scanning lie detector pulls out the truth from each participant. If they try to lie through the tests, a significant portion of the prize money is deducted, while telling the truth might jeopardize their respective relationships.

Hosted by actor and influencer Maja Bohosiewicz, the reality show makes things even more complicated for couples by introducing a few hot singles, both men and women, to the villa. While the intriguing format and the drama in the villa keep the audience entertained through each episode, the luxurious resort against the backdrop of some lush green mountains leaves one wondering — where is ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ filmed? If you are one such curious soul, allow us to fill you in on all the details about the same!

Love Never Lies: Poland Filming Locations

‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ is filmed in Greece, particularly Porto Heli. According to reports, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the Polish reality series took place in the spring of 2022. Although the show’s title might suggest that Poland is its filming site, it is not the case, as the makers utilized Greece’s scenic landscape, at least for the debut season. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the villa where the couples put their relationship to the test and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that appear in the Netflix series!

Porto Heli, Greece

All the pivotal portions for ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ season 1 were lensed in Porto Heli, AKA Porto Cheli, a summer resort town in Greece’s Argolis. As far as we can gather, the cast and crew set up camp at one of the many luxurious villas in the town, specifically one in a secluded area with mountains all around and turquoise waters in front. Moreover, several important sequences for the first season were seemingly taped in the Argolic Gulf right in front of the town.

Particularly situated on a bay of the Argolic Gulf, Porto Heli is a small town but a large port with ferry connections to the islands of Spetses, Hydra, and Poros and to Ermioni and Piraeus. Porto Heli is home to a couple of organized beaches, but most are small isolated coves that provide a relaxing atmosphere overall. Many families visit the resort town annually and enjoy their time in the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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