Are Jackson and Izzy From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating reality series that has undoubtedly shifted the genre towards the rowdier side, especially as the flirty singles rarely follow the no-sex rule while attempting to build deeper connections. Thus, its latest installment — season 3 — also goes way beyond the norm with a new batch of “horndogs” (the show’s words, mind you) to get wilder than ever before. Amongst them are Jackson Mawhinney and Izzy Fairthorne, who did break a few rules during their stint together in paradise. So now, let’s find out all there is to know about them, shall we?

Jackson and Izzy’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Almost as soon as Jackson Mawhinney stepped foot onto the shores of the Turks and Caicos Islands for Lana’s retreat after the halfway mark, he made his move on Izzy as well as Olga Bednarska at the same time. After all, both the British beauties had caught his eye, and he couldn’t wait to talk to them alone, which they didn’t mind since they were interested as well. There was no animosity between the two women even though they were vying for Jackson’s attention. Yet, Izzy was frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t get a word in during that exchange due to Olga’s incessant chatter.

Despite that, when the time came, Jackson chose Izzy for a date because he was charmed by her utter sweetness, a quality she admitted no one had ever used to describe her as before. That’s when their conversation went further, and they both conceded that the other made them a little bashful, making the physical attraction between them undeniable. Therefore, the fact that they kissed on their date in bed that night and even went a little beyond only to lose the group $22,000 came as no surprise. Jackson and Izzy actually spent a bit more money as the days passed, but they eventually calmed down.

Are Jackson and Izzy Still Together?

Jackson and Izzy never really specified their bond in the Netflix original. After a while, it genuinely appeared as if their connection had fizzled out. That’s mainly because Jackson had begun to share a bed with Olga towards the end, with no drama or arguments from anyone’s side. With that said, though, the original pairing seemingly maintained a positive bond, particularly as Izzy mentioned how her experiences in the retreat helped her grow into a more independent individual.

On the other hand, Jackson expressed how the people around him taught him to face his issues and be more courageous. Coming to where they stand today, while we can’t be too sure about whether they’ve continued their involvement in the real world or not, we do know that both Jackson and Izzy look incredibly content with wherever they are in their respective lives.

From what we can tell, Jackson, a London native, is seemingly enjoying his time traveling the world, volunteering, and hanging out with friends while also maintaining his dedication to fitness and social standing as the son of a politician and barrister. In contrast, the Cheltenham native appears to be building a career as an online influencer and a fitness coach, for which she even co-runs a business called Hi Fitness. It honestly doesn’t look like either of them would ever let anything or anyone come in between them and their aspirations.

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