Jeremiah and Carmela Raber: Is the Return to Amish Duo Still Together?

TLC’s ‘Return To Amish‘ is a reality TV show that is the spin-off and continuation of ‘Breaking Amish.’ It revolves around people from the Amish community who step out of their comfort zone and explore a different lifestyle. The show featured Carmela Mendez and Jeremiah Raber, a couple with one of the most tumultuous relationships. They fought on camera, made up, cried, and kept the viewers invested in their dynamics. If you were also engaged in their drama and are curious to know where they stand now, here’s all you need to know!

Jeremiah and Carmela’s Return To Amish Journey

Jeremiah, 43, an ordained minister, and his soon-to-be wife, Carmela, met on Facebook in 2012. They texted back and forth for three months and took their relationship to the next level after they sensed a connection. The big announcement of the two being engaged happened in season 3. Carmela also met Jeremiah’s family, and she revealed that she grew up in a cult. By the end of the season, the two were happily married.

In season 4, the couple was excited to have a child, and they tested if they could conceive via IVF. Thankfully, the tests were successful, and they went ahead with the procedures. However, Jeremiah was too focused on the house instead of his wife, which led to an argument. She moved with the children from her previous marriage to Washington, and Jeremiah followed them. However, Carmela demanded marriage counseling. In the counselor’s office, they bickered again and were posed with the question of whether or not they should be together at all.

Later, they went to Las Vegas for a long due honeymoon and renewed their vows. Before the next season rolled out, the couple almost separated but eventually worked through their differences. In season 5, they started a donut business and worked hard to escalate it. Their relationship was still strained because Jeremiah took out his frustration and stress by yelling at Carmela.

She reached her breaking point and almost left, but Jeremiah apologized to her, and she accepted it. They continued marriage counseling and decided to give their partnership a second chance. In season 6, the duo flew to Ohio to connect with Jeremiah’s supposed biological father, but his claim was proved false after a DNA test. Finally, the couple was content and planned to have a baby. But it’s hard to tell if they went ahead with their plan or decided to split ways after heaps of arguments.

Jeremiah and Carmela Have Parted Ways

No, Jeremiah and Carmela are no longer together. In 2017, before season 5 aired, they had a public fallout, which was later sorted. As per reports, Jeremiah went live on Facebook to talk about how his wife allegedly stole $16,000 from him. Jeremiah gave details about the incident, and he said, “We sold the property, cashed the check this morning, she put it in her purse, and when I got out to go pay the electric bill, she took off.”


In the same year, Jeremiah was charged with domestic violence after he purportedly abused Carmela verbally and physically. However, they settled this issue and moved to Florida to start anew. They started working at an airport to make a living and later appeared on the show as a couple. In March 2022, she reportedly filed a restraining order against her husband, but he denied the allegations. By May 2022, Jeremiah confirmed the two had finally called it quits through an Instagram post.

Carmela confirmed the same on Facebook that she parted ways with Jeremiah after replying to a fan’s comment on her post. Meanwhile, he opened up on Instagram and told his followers that he wouldn’t go into details about their breakup, but “it just didn’t work out.” Around this time, Jeremiah posted a video with a compilation of the ex-couple pictures, with a caption that read, “Even though we’re not together, I will still love her.”

As of now, they’ve embarked on a novel phase of their life. Jeremiah is starting a “new journey” and is soon to be featured on ‘Return To Amish’ again. On the other hand, Carmela has kept a low profile on Instagram, but she is quite active on Facebook. In January, she raised funds for her family during difficult times, and we hope she gets through them. Their relationship was quite strained, and now that it’s over, we can’t wait to see where life takes them.

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