Khelsi and Allen: Is the Duo From Farmer Wants a Wife Still Dating?

Image Credits: Khelsi Stone/ Instagram

In an attempt to settle down and find their forevermore, four farmers put themselves through the ultimate test and find the right woman in ‘Farmer Wants a Wife.’ With 32 women, the four farmers embark upon their quest to find the woman of their dreams. From establishing connections, love, and even friendship, the first iteration of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ focuses on the contestants overcoming all the odds and finding the one.

A spin-off of the British series, the FOX reality television show goes one step further in the search for lasting love by putting the contestants through a number of challenges. After an engrossing chemistry that followed throughout the season, Farmer Allen and Khelsi intrigued a number of fans. Even though the season-ending saw Allen choosing Khelsi, recent speculations have led fans to believe that the couple is no longer together. Luckily, we’ve got all the information. Let’s dive in!

Allen and Khelsi’s Farmer Wants A Wife Journey

Based in Forston, Georgia, Khelsi Stone is a 29-year-old teacher. Even before she entered the show, Khelsi had strongly felt a pull toward Allen. While Khelsi was enamored by Allen’s humorous and fun personality, the two didn’t connect at once. With a number of contestants vying to find their match, Allen Foster, the 32-year-old cattle rancher based in Tennessee, was equally conflicted when it came to finding the woman of his dreams. After getting divorced from his ex-wife, Allen’s focus was on settling down and ensuring that he didn’t just find a girlfriend but someone he could come home to and share a life with.

As such, an equally smitten Khelsi also found herself gravitating toward Allen. It wasn’t long before the two started bonding. Khelsi became Allen’s first kiss, an intimate moment he hadn’t previously shared with anyone else. While the two continued their dates and confidently shared their feelings for each other, their relationship wasn’t without its issues. At one point, Khelsi even felt uneasy in their connection when Allen kissed Cassidy Jo and went on a date. However, the two managed to clear up the air. In another segment, Allen even met Khelsi’s family.

While the latter’s family did have some reservations about his past relationships and his intentions, Khelsi’s interest in Allen remained unfettered. Carrying the same feelings till the very end, Allen even ended up choosing Khelsi as his partner in the season finale despite the conflicts that had arisen previously. However, even after the conclusion of the show, the reality stars showed no intention of settling down. Moreover, since Allen proclaimed marriage and searched for a life partner, fans have expected Allen and Khelsi to tie the knot. However, speculations to the contrary have been made, leaving fans curious.

Allen and Khelsi Are Not Together Anymore

No, Allen and Khelsi are no longer together. Despite their unique chemistry and affectionate exchanges, they displayed in ‘Farmer Wants A Wife,’ it seems that things did not pan out according to their plans in reality. After the show concluded filming, Khelsi spent a long time in Tennessee, where she did not just engage with Allen’s family but also kept her personal interests and passions alive. The Georgia-based entertainment star took to Instagram and showed the community of students she taught in her time in Tennessee, for whom she stayed even five months after her breakup with Allen.

Despite the fact that Allen and Khelsi connected relatively quickly and established a great bond on-screen, their relationship was cut short. While Allen took to his Instagram and wrote, “…Farmer Wants a Wife didn’t end how I’d hope as far as a relationship..”, Khelsi posted a few pictures on Instagram showcasing the highlights of her relationship with Allen, leaving fans confused. When questioned by a few fans, Khelsi confirmed that they are no longer together, saying, “…I was trying to be respectful of the time we did share and tell our story a little later.”

She added, “But he’s been with Kierstan and Sydney down in Florida celebrating…I no longer have to pretend I’m okay.” Now, Khelsi Stone is back in her home state, and Allen Foster is celebrating fellow with fellow finalists. So, even though the animosity between the two has become more palpable, the two are still continuing to make strides in their professional life. Nevertheless, we continue to wish that Khelsi Stone and Allen Foster achieve everything in their personal and professional life!

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