Is Farmer Wants a Wife Scripted or Real?

Dating shows are typical nowadays, but if you throw in some handsome, rugged farmers looking for their perfect match, things are bound to get interesting. Based on a British show of the same name, Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is a unique dating reality series that works around this concept. A reboot of the 2008 eponymous show, it features four young and dashing farmers spending six weeks with a group of gorgeous single ladies who are exclusively invited to their ranches.

Through a series of dates and sizzling conversations, the four bachelors navigate the dating pool and look for a suitable spouse. The drama it entails and the sizzling chemistry between the farmers and their potential wives certainly make for an exciting watch. Naturally, it has made the viewers eager to learn as much as they can about the dating series. Besides, its unique format somehow begs the question — is it completely authentic, or are some parts fabricated? Well, let’s find out more!

Is Farmer Wants a Wife Scripted?

Since the beginning, the makers of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ have defined the format as unscripted and spontaneous, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. While dating reality shows have had a history of relationships only being formed for the television screen, the Fox series is seemingly different, as here, the end result is marriage. Thus, it is unlikely that the female participants or the four bachelor farmers might follow prewritten dialogues or cues because they must accurately test their compatibilities and decide whether they would last as husband and wife.

Moreover, the four farmers — Hunter, Ryan, Landon, and Allen — belong to remote, small-town ranches and have never appeared on TV earlier. They also admit to having minimal interaction with people outside their farms due to their hectic work schedules. Hence, they bring a fresh, common-man perspective to the show and hope to find a genuine life partner supporting them in each phase. Not only that, life on the farm is drastically different from the one the single ladies are accustomed to, as some even state that it is the first time they are dating a farmer.

Therefore, those who end up marrying the four farmers would have to make a significant change in their lives by moving to a small-town setting and helping to manage a fully-functional ranch. This means the chances of the participants faking it on-screen are less, as their consequent decision would impact their future. However, given the post-production process of TV shows, not everything that transpires ends up in the episode that finally airs. This indicates that the showrunners supposedly edit or add certain elements to polish the content.

In addition, six weeks are pretty short for most of us to find an ideal date, so the cast members deciding on a spouse in such a brief period seems somewhat implausible. On top of that, sources claim that the British show on which it is based has allegedly provided false information about the farmers’ actual residences and faked the filming locations. Nevertheless, there have been no such reports yet about the Fox reboot, and the makers have tried to keep as much transparency as possible about the participants.

In conclusion, we believe ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is authentic and does not go according to a script. It is an honest portrayal of four farmers experiencing modern dating and looking for sincere romantic partners with whom they wish to build a fulfilling life. While some parts may be embellished with drama and exaggeration for entertainment, they should be taken with a pinch of salt and enjoyed. Apart from that, the cast members’ emotions and choices showcased on the show seem genuine and make one believe in love’s surprises.

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