Where is Farmer Wants a Wife Filmed?

Image Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

A reboot of the 2008 eponymous series, Fox’s ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is a reality dating show that revolves around four bachelor farmers. They spend quality time among a group of single attractive city women and have to pick the one who would make the right wife for them. Based on the eponymous British series, the reality series’ reboot is hosted by the charming Jennifer Nettles as the farmers spend time with various women in and around their ranches and navigate their equations with them to make the right choice.

The unique format of the dating series, along with all the drama and romantic development that ensues between the farmers and their potential wives, make for an entertaining watch. Moreover, since the women travel to different ranches across the country, it is natural for you to wonder where ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is actually shot. Well, luckily for you, we have got you covered!

Farmer Wants a Wife Filming Locations

‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is filmed in North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Georgia, particularly in Shelby, Santa Fe, Coyle, and Watkinsville. Since four single farmers search for a life partner in the reboot season, the filming unit traveled to their respective towns or cities to shoot the episodes. Now, let’s traverse all the specific sites that feature in the Fox series!

Shelby, North Carolina

Most scenes involving Ryan Black in the reboot installment were lensed in and around Shelby, a city in and the county seat of North Carolina’s Cleveland County. Situated in the county’s south-central portion, Shelby houses Ryan’s ranch, where he spends time with his potential partners. Some public attractions you might spot in a few scenes are walking trails like the thread trail and the Broad River Trail, which are good spots to spend quality time with someone.

Santa Fe, Tennessee

Many scenes for ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ are taped in and around Santa Fe, an unincorporated community in Tennessee’s Maury County, especially the ones including Allen Foster. Numerous reboot season scenes were recorded in his ranch and surrounding areas. The unincorporated community got its name from the eponymous post office established in 1849.

Coyle, Oklahoma

Some important portions, mainly involving Landon Heaton, for ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ are shot in Coyle, a town in Oklahoma’s Logan County. The filming unit utilized Landon’s ranch as the primary production location to lens many key scenes for the reboot iteration. A part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, the town gets its name from an influential businessman named William Coyle.

Watkinsville, Georgia

The parts involving Hunter Grayson in the reboot season of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ were taped in Watkinsville, the largest town and county seat of Georgia’s Oconee County. From the looks of it, the production team followed Hunter and his potential romantic partners on their dates to shoot various pivotal sequences for the dating show. A part of the Athens-Clarke County Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area, Watkinsville consists of a total area of 3.2 square miles, of which only around 0.31% is water.

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