Are Kris and Justin From Swiping America Still Together?

Image Credit: Jane Hahn/Max

If you are a fan of romance and travel, then Max’s ‘Swiping America‘ is one documentary series you simply cannot miss. After all, what can be more appealing than four New York singles traveling across the country to find their match? Created by Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren, the show’s first iteration was undoubtedly interesting and provided viewers with much entertainment, along with allowing the cast members to grow emotionally. The pairing of Krishnanand “Kris” Kelkar and Justin Matthew Speller developed relatively late in the journey but received much love from the viewers. If you are among those eager to learn what they can about their continued bond, we have your back!

Kris and Justin’s Swiping America Journey

Throughout his ‘Swiping America’ journey, Kris confronted many inner insecurities as he learned what he did and did not prefer. Though the experiment was meant for him to find a partner, it also helped him find himself in a way he had never tried before. Having suffered many heartbreaks and developing connections as deep as one with Derrek Michael, Kris was determined to find someone to accompany him while he was in Hawaii for the last leg of the experience.

Kris decided to chuck tradition and went on long dates with two different mentors he met in Seattle, Washington, to maximize his chance of finding a potential partner. While he could not help but gravitate toward Justin’s ready charm and happy energy, he was equally attracted to Travis’ good looks and the fact that they were Indian-Americans by ethnicity. Despite his clear attraction towards the latter, Kris admitted that his date with Justin was the most fun he had had so far in the experiment.

When the time came for Kris to choose who he would meet in Hawaii, he decided to invite Justin, much to the latter’s happiness. The occasion was made more important because the two would celebrate Justin’s 30th birthday. Yet, there was undoubtedly a damper on the developing bond when Kris learned that Justin hoped to have kids in the future. Having been quite candid throughout the show about his unease with the idea, he was saddened that the man he spent the last days with on the show might not be someone he could share a future with.

Are Kris and Justin Still Together?

It seems that both Kris and Justin are at least on amicable terms, given that they follow each other on Instagram. In fact, the latter has even chosen to use Kris’ on-screen description of him as a “5’8 Beefy Nugget” in his Instagram bio. Moreover, Justin has been immensely admiring him while promoting the Max series on his own social media handles. Needless to say, fans are hopeful that this might be an indication that this on-screen pair is thriving even today. That said, the fact that the two men are based on opposite ends of the mainland US has certainly got to be a huge hurdle for them to overcome.

Presently, Kris is a Senior Data Scientist for Hinge, and his experience with different online communication platforms companies is nothing short of impressive. Interestingly, Justin is also a part of the tech world and works as Xbox’s Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft, a position he has held since July 2021. While we are hopeful about the two still being together, our deepest wish is for both to find what their heart desires and live happy and fulfilling lives.

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