Are Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada From Love Island Still Together?

Love Island’ tasks singles with living on an island cut off from the rest of the world. However, each individual must be coupled up with another to survive in the show. This leads to exciting drama and steamy romances, which have since made the show popular. While on season 3, Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada coupled up with each other. Although they started strong, trouble reared its head, and the two found themselves in hot water. If you want to know whether Kyra and Will are still together, we have you covered!

Kyra and Will’s Love Island Journey

Even though both Kyra and Will entered the villa on the first day, they did not get together immediately. Instead, Will remained single and kept his options open while Kyra found herself warming up to Korey Gandy. However, Kyra and Korey were coupled for just a single day, and on Day 2, they separated before Kyra found her way to Will. The two appeared to be perfect for each other, and through their dedication, the couple even proved that they meant to go all the way to the end.

Kyra and Will seemed committed, and even though Will was approached by a few other people, including Olivia Kaiser, he turned all of them down as he valued his connection with Kyra. The Hawaiian native, too, seemed happy with Will as they remained together through several recouplings and their bond grew stronger by the day. However, trouble found its way to the pair, and once the show entered the Casa Amor week, things started to mess up.

Although Kyra stayed faithful to Will and did not let her eyes stray elsewhere, Will appeared to be quite taken by newcomer Florence Mueller and developed a connection with her. Even though Kyra refused to kiss anyone during Casa Amor, Will ended up kissing Florence. Still, he realized that Kyra was the one for him and apologized to her after telling her about the kiss. Although Kyra was shocked and unhappy, she decided to forgive Will, and the two remained together.

Are Kyra and Will Still Together?

With Kyra and Will choosing to keep their current relationship status under wraps, it is unknown if they are still together. The two had to go through numerous rumors throughout their relationship, including one which claimed Will and Kyra knew each other before coming on the show. The speculation arose when Will’s comments were spotted on Kyra’s Instagram page.

On an episode of the ‘After The Island’ podcast, former contestant Christian Longnecker alleged that Will and Kyra reside just “15 minutes from each other.” He further claimed that the two “had to” know each other. Although neither Will nor Kyra has confirmed the rumors yet, the remarks hint towards a possible connection between the pair. On the other hand, Florence, who has since been eliminated, took to social media to speak out against Will for allegedly lying about their connection.

Through her posts, Florence claimed that she and Will had a pretty good connection, and he even reciprocated her feelings. However, Will later told Kyra that he never thought about choosing Florence and had not been intimate with her, which did not sit well with Florence. Moreover, even though Kyra forgave her partner’s unfaithfulness, she, too, did not take the revelation in a good way and was pretty hurt by it.


As of today, Will and Kyra prefer to keep their relationship status off social media and are private regarding their dating life. Moreover, as the show still hasn’t concluded its run, the two are under an agreement not to disclose anything about their relationship until after the season finale. This, coupled with the lack of updates on their bond, makes their current relationship status unclear. Whatever their status be, we wish for their happiness and hope things turn out well for them in the future.

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