Are Laura and Peter From Insiders Still Together?

As a reality competition series that can only be described as a sort of incredibly convoluted Spanish version of ‘Big Brother,’ Netflix’s ‘Insiders‘ is as dramatic as it is entertaining. After all, with hidden cameras constantly rolling, the significant aspects that eventually come to light are twisted mind games, genuine connections, cold manipulations, and vicious feuds. Amongst these, though, was the surprisingly wholesome bond between Laura Núñez and Peter Bass throughout the production’s two seasons — so now, if you wish to find out more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Laura and Peter’s Insiders Journey

When we first came across Laura and Peter as unwitting contestants back in the first installment, they truly seemed poles apart in terms of their personalities as well as strategies. However, that was not really the case because they both soon proved to be not just highly observant but also harmlessly sly, which drew them close together with each passing day. The 25-year-old was admittedly open to the idea of meeting someone new within this production from the get-go, yet the 24-year-old held a different opinion. He thus tried his best to keep away, only for it not to work out.

Peter had actually conceded that Laura was just his type, but once he noticed the producers were asking him solely about her, he decided to just focus on his game by giving her the cold shoulder. His tactic didn’t last for long due to their closed environment, though, and the more the duo got to know one another authentically, the easier it became for them to develop a liking. Even when they encountered personal issues, they chose to openly talk things out rather than engage in needless arguments, making it clear that their feelings were entirely, positively mutual.

Hence, Laura and Peter shared a sweet kiss as soon as they made it to finals week, and he ultimately sacrificed himself to ensure she would still be in the running to win the €100,000. The latter backed his decision by explaining that he wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for her, insisting he won anyway because he’d finally found someone he wanted for the rest of his life. Things did take a turn in season 2 (with them as “moles”), especially as Peter wildly flirted with Marta after Laura was taken out. Yet the truth is that he was only ever thinking about the former runner-up.

Are Laura and Peter Still Together?

Despite the many hurdles along the way, since Laura and Peter were always willing to have candid conversations while maintaining a level of mutual respect, their association was honestly almost idyllic. That’s why the fact they were both adamant about wanting to pursue things in the real world came as no surprise, and then Peter’s insight into their situation made them all the more endearing. Both seasons 1 and 2 were filmed back to back, so when asked if he was in love with Laura during the latter, he replied, “Well, I mean… [I have to] meet her outside, but it depends on the reality that she and I have lived. Yes, without a doubt.”

Therefore, we’re glad to report that Laura and Peter are, in fact, still happily and romantically involved. Not only have they shared quite a few cozy photos on their social media platforms since filming came to a close, but their Instagram stories and tagged posts also point towards a continued relationship. As if that’s not enough, the Madrid-based handmade jewelry entrepreneur and the software engineer/DJ are often publicly seen supporting one another as well. The couple’s online presence makes it evident that they’re perfectly content with where they stand today, which is all that matters.

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