Insiders Season 2: Where Are They Now?

With none other than actress/musician Najwa Nimri as the host, Netflix’s ‘Insiders‘ is a Spanish reality series that can only be described as equal parts convoluted, dramatic, and entertaining. After all, it follows a group of diverse individuals as they step into a ‘Big Brother’-style setting to begin the final “casting” phase for an “upcoming production,” utterly unaware that they’re already in it. So now that we’ve seen the kind of connections and manipulations hidden cameras can bring to light not once but twice, let’s find out what the original cast of season 2 is up to these days, shall we?

Where is Alex Garcia Now?

While Alex Garcia had introduced himself in the production as a 35-year-old car salesman and a happily married father of one (an adorable daughter), the truth is that he’s much more. The Madrid resident is always unquestionably a devoted family man, yet he’s currently even pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a fashion model as well as a musician. In fact, not only has Alex already worked with a few renowned photographers, but he has also released singles such as “QuedaT” (2022), “Pensaba que si” (2022), and “Delincuente” (2021) under the name Alex Grau.

Where is Sofia Lu Lee Now?

Sofia Lu Lee sadly had to deal with several negative comments concerning her makeup/fitness routine from her fellow contestants on the show. Yet, these aspects have actually positively impacted her real life. That’s because her passion for the same, combined with her MBA degree from EAE Business School, has helped her evolve into a public figure while also running the 4FIT PLAN health program. As if that’s not enough, the Madrid-based entrepreneur even enables others to generate a good cash flow through online methods and is affiliated with the sports nutrition company Prozis.

Where is Pablo Carmona Soto Now?

Pablo Carmona Soto might’ve gotten a bit “obsessed” with seeking perfection within himself on ‘Insiders,’ but he gradually, inadvertently, did prove he’s not the “robot” others often deem him to be. Thus, we’re happy to report that it appears as if the plane mechanic, digital creator, fitness buff, and travel enthusiast has maintained his progress in this area by actively keeping up personal connections. We should mention that the witty Huelva native seemingly lives by the famous yet forever relevant motto, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Where is Tania Sarabia Now?

Although originally from the small hunting village of Villamediana de Iregua, from what we can tell, Tania Sarabia currently resides in the beautiful resort town of Salou with her fur baby Miko. She actually hasn’t posted much on any of her social media platforms in the past couple of years, preferring to keep the details about her personal or professional experiences under wraps. However, we do know that despite everything they went through on the Netflix original because of her admitted insecurities, Tania and Nowa are still great friends, as clearly seen above.

Where is Adan Lazaro Now?

While Adan Lazaro initially came off as a little cocky by claiming that no one ever has anything bad to say about him, his surprising vulnerability, determination, and honesty won the world over. Unfortunately, he was still the fifth cast member to be eliminated. Since then, it seems like the Seville-born Ibiza-based public figure has gone on to pursue other ventures. Aside from always doing his best to stay true to his authentic self and live as he pleases while working at the “best outdoor club” on the island, Ushuaïa Ibiza, Adan is reportedly an entrepreneur as well.

Where is Marta Carpeño Now?

Marta Carpeño’s life-long goal was to become famous for who she is as an overall individual, which she has now undeniably achieved thanks to a little push from the compelling reality series. In other words, not only is the mid-20-year-old a Human Resources and Digital Marketing Specialist running her own business, but she’s also a television star as well as a budding influencer. We should mention that the Madrid native is even a travel enthusiast who appears to be in a happy, healthy, long-term relationship with Antonio Corroto Navarro.

Where is Ramón Guillén Roqueta Now?

Ramón Guillén Roqueta honestly proved to be one of the most polarizing contestants on ‘Insiders’ by being both caring and pessimistic at every step of the way. With that said, there’s no doubt he was consistently genuine in who he is, which he has maintained in the real world as well, even while serving as a private chef down in Ibiza. Ramón is the founder of the catering service Gastronomia Gamberra. He is presently affiliated with sports nutrition company Prozis and works as a promotor for UNITED ANTS x Ushuaïa (an underground house/techno music movement).

Where is Ainhoa “Nowa” Now?

Since Nowa has always maintained that she’s an empathetic person with strong morals and a belief that traditional ideas need to be eliminated, it’s no surprise that she’s a qualified social educator. The now 30-year-old’s Instagram bio further highlights her powerful value system with the quote, “When tyranny is law, revolution is order.” From what we can tell, Nowa continues to reside in her hometown of Mérida. Yet, she does often make efforts to explore the country by visiting not just regions like Madrid and Ibiza but also Valencia.

Where is Lorenzo Marfíl Now?

As a flamboyant, dramatic, confident, and talented artist through and through, Lorenzo Marfíl is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator who currently seems to be doing wonders in his field. The Ciudad Real native recently helmed the entire creative department for a short film entitled ‘Nativitas.’ Furthermore, he also serves as an Art Direction educator at the local Casa del Cine Specialty School. Coming to his personal life, Lorenzo has been in a blissful relationship with David Herráez, whom he has referred to as “my love, my titan, my churri,” for over four years now.

Where is Raquel Arias Now?

Although a tourism graduate, Raquel Arias had made a name for herself as a model, actress, and reporter long before she’d even stepped foot into ‘Insiders,’ let alone win it. Therefore, that’s the path the Miss Universe Spain 2018 finalist is continuing on, going as far as to seek different courses to keep learning and growing in her profession as much as possible. From advanced acting sessions to a Master’s in Communication & Public Speaking to television presenter courses, Raquel is presently pursuing everything, all the while actively working in front of the cameras.

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