Insiders Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Hosted by Najwa Nimri (‘Money Heist‘ and ‘Locked Up’), Netflix’s ‘Insiders’ is an intriguing reality series that moves far away from the norm by having the contestants be unaware of filming. After all, while they believe they’re in the final casting phase for a different show, the sound and cameras are already rolling to disclose who they are without the spotlight. Imagine ‘Big Brother’ with added mind games and manipulation, and you’ll end up with this Spanish original. So now that season 1 has launched, let’s learn where the finalists of this production are today, shall we?

Olaya Bizori

Despite being the youngest, 21-year-old Olaya Bizori played an incredible game by simply minding her own business and not getting involved in too many arguments. She and Ivan Miguez Alvarez did form a connection, but since she has a boyfriend and he genuinely respected that, their affection never turned into something more, especially as he was eliminated within a week. With that, Olaya even lost her social life a bit, and it worked out in her favor until it didn’t. After all, she reached the finale but couldn’t win as the former contestants voted for the “perfect” player.

Today, from what we can tell, the Moroccan citizen is merely enjoying her life, undertaking new opportunities, and traveling the world. From Ibiza to France, she is exploring everything that the different nations and cultures have to offer. In fact, Olaya’s Instagram bio explains her current situation perfectly, reading, “From 🇲🇦 to the 🌍. I’m an expert in not taking things seriously.” Since she seems to have an artist manager, the now 22-year-old may be hoping to break into the entertainment industry for good.

Ivan Molina

Ivan Molina made it clear from the beginning that he would do anything to win. He stated that he always does what he wants even though it may not be proper, implying that it’s the path he’ll follow on the series as well. Ivan wanted to have fun with different women in the “casting” phase, but since no one was like that on set, he adapted and eventually found himself with Estefania Vela. Their tumultuous relationship, his strong character, and his friendship-turned-rivalry with Nicole Delgado Espinosa had him on center stage for the most part, but it still wasn’t enough.

Today, the Valencia-based professional poker player is taking the chances offered to him from any direction to push and grow while also focusing on his friends, family, and passion. Just a few months ago, he spent time at a poker conference and penned (in rough translation), “Wonderful weekend with friends, lots of laughs and what I like to do the most. We keep adding 💪🥇.” It appears as if Ivan craves to make the most of even the smallest of possibilities, which goes hand in hand with his profession.

Laura Núñez

Laura Núñez may have described herself as a bit self-centered and not the greatest listener during her introduction, but she seemed like a significant threat from the get-go. Thus, when she and Peter Base got together, they were the duo to beat, despite what the other participants initially thought. Like Olaya, Laura mostly minded her own business with Peter, yet she did not hold back once targeted. Her social circle was also good, so when her companion sacrificed himself for her to reach the finale, it was no surprise that she, at least, finished the season as the runner-up.

As for where Laura is now, it looks like the Madrid-based mid-20-year-old is an aspiring actress who loves to travel as well. Furthermore, she seems pretty excited about being part of ‘Insiders’ Season 2. After all, her role would be to steer the new members away from suspicion, just as Tatiana and Nicole did in season 1. “THE TRUE WINNER💗💗,” Laura wrote on her Instagram after the premiere of the first installment, as seen above. “I’m glad we can see you in the second season 😏.”

Nicole Delgado Espinosa

Nicole Delgado Espinosa‘s fiercely honest nature and powerful personality meant that she was in the middle of most conflicts in the production. With that said, the fact that she had a stable link with Fama Marong, along with consistent friends in Barbara and Hugo, gave her stability and an essential edge in the game. Her reason for being on the series and representing her community was also commendable; thus, of course, she won the massive €100,000 grand prize after being deemed the “perfect” contestant.

It’s unclear whether Nicole has undergone the surgery she so desperately wanted, considering how it’s a private affair and she has preferred to keep it that way, yet we do know that she seems content with her life right now. From roaming sandy beaches to exploring different cities, she’s doing it all at the moment. The 27-year-old Canary Islands native still appears to be working in social media and expanding her reach.

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