Where is Insiders Winner Nicole Now?

Hosted by Najwa Nimri (‘Money Heist‘), Netflix’s ‘Insiders’ is a reality show that — with its myriad of complex twists and turns — can only be defined as a convoluted Spanish version of ‘Big Brother.’ To offer something different, the 12 contestants here believe that they are in the ultimate casting phase for an upcoming series, but their every move is already being recorded. In simpler words, while they think they’re auditioning, the real competition is underway. So now that season 1 has aired and grasped our attention, let’s find out more about its winner Nicole, shall we?

Who is Insiders Winner Nicole?

Hailing from a relatively small town in Spain, Nicole Delgado Espinosa is a proud trans woman. From the very beginning, she had made it clear that it was her goal to win and feel whole, not make friends or be nice. Although several other characteristics apart from chromosomes, a menstrual cycle, and reproductive organs make a female a female, she confessed that she needed the money for the surgery that would finally make her appearance match who she is on the inside. It would be an investment, so Nicole said she wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Nicole’s journey was incredibly tumultuous. She did create a lot of content for us to enjoy, but that meant she was involved in nearly every argument. Her flirty connection with Fama Marong and her friendships with Barbara and Hugo gave her some stability, which proved essential during her back and forth with close friend-turned-rival Ivan Molina. Nicole’s strong personality and honest spirit, combined with the fact that producers told her the truth about the show mid-way, gave her an edge over the others. Thus, thanks to the constant support of those who actually saw her, she won.

Where is Insiders Winner Nicole Now?

With the €100,000 prize, from what we can tell, Nicole Delgado Espinosa’s world has changed for the better. In the Netflix original, it was mentioned that she has been through a lot in life, worse than anyone can imagine, yet she still manages to smile and savor her experiences. Hence, now that the 27-year-old social media influencer is back into the real world, it looks like she’s continuing down this path and is content with where she is. Over the past few months, it appears as if Nicole has been traveling, taking up new opportunities, and simply living the way she wants.

Nicole has not given any updates regarding her surgery as of writing, and considering how it’s such a personal affair, that’s entirely understandable. We know she moved to a new residence in early March 2021, but it seems like she still dwells in the beautiful Canary Islands. “And I’m leaving!” she penned while announcing the shift, explaining her emotions in a manner that only reiterated her strong character. After all, she was a little down about this change, but she did iterate that she was “fighting for a dream,” which only goes to show that she really is a tenacious person.

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