Lindsay and Danielle: Is the Summer House Duo Still Friends?

Bravo’s ‘Summer House‘ is a reality TV show about young professionals who are lifelong friends that spend their weekends together as a means of getaway from their daily lives. Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard are two best friends who’ve recently made headlines due to their rumored fallout. After years of having each others’ back, it seems like there was nothing that could’ve possibly gone wrong between the two. So, have they truly rifted apart, or is it just a passing whisper? Let’s find out!

Danielle and Lindsay’s Summer House Journey

Danielle is a production manager with a background in finance, whereas Lindsay is a public relations specialist. The two were best friends before the show and shared great chemistry, which was quite evident. In the first two seasons, their previous issues did not implode in front of cameras. However, they caught up to them in season 3 when Kyle, Lindsay, and Danielle’s unresolved problems resurfaced and caused drama in the house.

A few days after that, Lindsay confided in Danielle and told her a controversial rumor, but she went ahead and passed the information on to Paige. In the next season, Carl and Lindsay hook up, taking their friendship to the next level. Shortly after that, she confronted Danielle before a party and told her about the hookup. The new couple also went on a date in the city which turned out to be a total disaster. However, Carl seemed unhappy about their relationship, but he also feared the end.

In season 5, their friendship remained intact, and there were no real threats to their relationship. Season 6 was nearly the same, with Lindsay sharing important bits of her life with Danielle, who even attended her beachside bonfire. So, there seemed to be no hard feelings between the two, but has their friendship stood the test of time?

Lindsay and Danielle Have Drifted Apart

As of now, the two are probably not best friends but maybe acquaintances since they are co-cast members of ‘Summer House.’ According to Lindsay, it all started when Danielle disapproved of her relationship with Carl but later was ready to smoke weed with him, which was quite odd.

After season 7, the final nail in the coffin for fans was Danielle’s absence while publicly congratulating Lindsay for her engagement. But as per Danielle, the reason behind it was simply her exhaustion and having too many things on her plates. The entire situation has been quite disheartening for Lindsay, and it seems like she wants to rekindle their bond.

In an interview with ET Online, Lindsay confirmed that the two were not on speaking terms. She stated, “We’re not in communication. I think we both needed a lot of time to process our feelings and emotions. A lot happened, and a lot was said this summer that I don’t know if I’m over quite yet. So, until I can get to the point within myself where I’m even ready to forgive somebody, there’s no point in talking until I’m ready.” The two were on good terms during the filming of season 7.

However, Lindsay doubts that the tipping point was the first week when she wasn’t present, and the group had somehow convinced Danielle that Lindsay and her fiance were not good friends to her. Having said that, Lindsay wants to reconcile with Danielle because she wasn’t her best friend for namesake, and their friendship meant a lot to her. As of now, Lindsay is busy making future plans with Carl, and Danielle is busy launching her new company. However, we sincerely hope that the duo resolves their differences and return to being best friends, overcoming their fallout.

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