Are Lorenzo and Marta From Insiders Still Friends?

Except for the massive €100,000 grand prize, there is absolutely nothing fake and nothing real within the convoluted yet compelling Spanish ‘Big Brother’ aper known as Netflix’s ‘Insiders‘. That’s because it’s a reality competition series wherein the cast members don’t even really know they’re being filmed, leading to not just mind games but also personal connections (both good and bad). One such unwavering, authentic bond in season 2 was between Lorenzo Marfíl and Marta Carpeño — so now, if you wish to learn more about their current standing, here’s what we know.

Lorenzo and Marta’s Insiders Journey

Despite their 9-year age gap, 34-year-old Lorenzo and 25-year-old Marta could only be described as two peas in a pod owing to their loud, proud, strong, and undeniably confident personalities. After all, while the Ciudad Real-based graphic designer had introduced himself as “happy,” “self-centered,” and “a narcissist,” the Madrid-based human resources worker had made it clear she believed she was special. With that said, though, the duo still managed to win the entire world over by staying as honest, sincere, and true to themselves as possible (until tasks were involved).

It thus came as no surprise when Lorenzo and Marta developed a genuine friendship that included more than just daily gossip sessions over coffee or in bed and fooling around in their free time. They were actually each other’s support system, going as far as to constantly back their confidant up whenever they had the chance, whether in dramatic situations or if asked by producers. At one point, Marta even referred to him as her “brother” due to the way they were playing the game side by side rather than as opponents, which is why he never hid the fact she was his favorite.

Are Lorenzo and Marta Still Friends?

The most significant proof of Lorenzo and Marta’s association was during the “streaming phase” of ‘Insiders’ once he and Adan were chosen as the participants to be booted off by the others. That’s because the two males were then incredibly given the “power” to eliminate someone else entirely, and the first person Lorenzo ensured was off the table for discussion was his Marta. However, he ended up losing her to another elimination within days, only for her to return for the finale and reunite with her “Paca” for good. Therefore, we’re happy to report that they’re still friends!

Lorenzo and Marta not only continue to follow one another on their respective social media platforms, but they also stay in regular touch through posts as well as comments. In fact, as seen above, the former recently shared a picture with her alongside the caption, in rough translation, “This is @martacarpeno; she is nice, cute, and above all very assertive haha. My sewing partner, my naughty n*pple, my other half in the contest. Long live you!!!”

In the comments, Marta’s response to this was even more endearing, reading, in part, “Aiiiiii my love!! My stupid!!!! What I love you! ❤️❤️ I couldn’t have had a better partner who is now a friend and one of the real ones! Thanks to that casting that we met, and you were behind me … I love you so much heart! Thank you for every moment you have given me, for always being [there] and not failing [me], and for all those that we have left! You’re the best! ❤️❤️❤️”

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