Are Tania and Nowa From Insiders Still Friends?

As a Netflix original Spanish reality series wherein the contestants aren’t even aware that they’re being filmed (and fooled) at all times, ‘Insiders‘ genuinely breaks every norm of the genre. That’s because it’s essentially a social experiment under the guise of a bit of television fame to explore precisely how far people can go not just to fulfill their desire to be the best but also for €100,000. Among them in season 2 was Tania Sarabia, who actually ended up burning several bridges, including her strongest one with Ainhoa — so here’s what we know of their connection today.

Tania and Nowa’s Insiders Journey

From the moment Tania and Ainhoa “Nowa” first came across our screens, it was evident that they were two strong yet impulsive women who would always try and do their best to be empathetic. That’s why they were drawn to one another as soon as they met — during the actual casting call for the production — and seemingly continued to have each other’s backs for the most part. In fact, during the initial few days, the Mérida (in Extremadura) social worker even comforted Tania upon realizing she was having a tough time adjusting to the complicated pattern of ‘Insiders.’

The duo gradually evolved into a group of four —Tania, Nowa, Marta, and Lorenzo— but the truth is that the Salou-based shop assistant wasn’t entirely happy with their dynamic. Tania believed this pack was either gossiping or too serious or just sitting in dull silence at all times, unlike their “rival” group, which could often be heard having fun and laughing. Unaware of the rolling cameras, she had shared this with some of the others in private while making brazen comments like, “I identify more with you,” and “I’m with three hags.” Thus, of course, it hurt Nowa a lot when these recorded clips came to light.

Are Tania and Nowa Still Friends?

Nowa later claimed that she expected such behavior from Tania since she knew her friend was not only actively playing both sides but was also a little too caught up in her head/emotions. However, she couldn’t immediately forgive her because she’d never once badmouthed her despite knowing things that could “make her look bad… I don’t want to discredit my friend to stay in a contest,” Nowa had said. It hence took a few days, more ups and downs, and a sincere apology from Tania admitting to her motives as well as insecurities before Nowa (and everybody else) could find some positive closure with her.

Coming to their current standing, we’re glad to report that Tania and Nowa are still great friends, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post shared by the former, seen above. Her caption states, in part, “A thousand conversations in which our thoughts went in unison, one after another… among laughter, wines, feasts, sunbathing and the occasional ‘pot’ of water with mystery, a bond was created that when the moment of truth arrived, we were ready next to each other. I couldn’t have been better with anyone but you, partner, confidante, friend!!… I love you my favorite revolutionary 💜.”

To this, in rough translation, Nowa’s comment reads, “Ohhh my girl 😍 all reciprocal parserita. Those moments stay with us forever. Our confidence, laughter, and dances remain in our memory. It has been a pleasure sharing this experience with you and having you in my life today and forever. I love you friend ❤️.”

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