Are Lucas and Sandri From Too Hot to Handle Brazil Still Together?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,’ AKA ‘Brincando com Fogo: Brasil,’ is a popular Brazilian dating reality show. The series is a spinoff of ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ and invites several advocates of casual relationships to participate. Under the supervision of AI host Lana, the cast members must refrain from any sexual activity and focus on developing emotional connections. Any type of disobedience leads to a certain amount being deducted from the amount of money that the participants can take home at the end of the season.

The second season of the dating series premiered recently and introduced the viewers to several new couples. One such romantic duo that the fans could not help but root for was that of Lucas Di Mothe and Sandri Oliveira. Their journey in the show was nothing short of heartwarming and entertaining. However, many cannot help but wonder if the bond lasted outside the beautiful retreat or if it simply fizzled out. Luckily, we have just the answers that our readers require.

Lucas Di Mothe and Sandri Oliveira’s Too Hot to Handle: Brazil Journey

Sandri Oliveira entered the ‘Too Hot to Handle: Brazil’ season 2 at the very start and was eager to find a match for herself. She initially connected with Ivan Almeida and started a relationship. However, the two soon decided that they were not right for each other and split apart. During the infamous boat part that took place midway through the season, Sandri also shared multiple kisses with season 1 star Davi Kneip.

It wasn’t until the entry of Lucas Di Mothe in episode 6 that the romantic stars of Sandri’s life started shining again. She was immediately attracted to the latest addition and did not waste any time trying to form a bond. In fact, they soon went on a date and were more than eager to build a relationship. Though the urge to kiss was strong, they refrained from the same in order to follow the spirit of Lana’s rules. The two stayed strong together and developed a deep connection.

On their last day in the house, Lucas and Sandri had not shared a kiss, though they hoped multiple times that Lana would turn their watches green and they could kiss. Their prayers were answered when the two were sharing their feelings for each other in the communal bedroom, and the watches turned green. While the two shared their kiss, their friends cheered them on and were delighted for the duo. But did the relationship last in the real world, or have the two since gone on their separate paths? Well, here is everything we know about the same!

Are Lucas Di Mothe and Sandri Oliveira Still Together?

As of writing, Lucas Di Mothe and Sandri Oliveira remain tight-lipped about the official status of their relationship. The duo does follow each other on social media and comment favorably on each other’s posts, which indicates that the two are, at the very least, on amicable terms, if not dating. Both of them are on friendly terms with the rest of the cast members of the show. Sandri has shared multiple pictures of Nayara Colombo on her Instagram and is friendly with Ivan Almeida as well.

Meanwhile, Lucas recently spent some quality time with Ivan, Khiara Italia, WG, Gabriel Veiga, and many more. Presently Sandri lives in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis, while Lucas is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Both of them are content creators and are proud of sharing their creations with their fans through the internet. We wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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