Luis and Cally: Is the Love Island Duo Still in a Relationship?

Created by Brent Baker, Mark Busk-Cowley, Tom Gould, and Joe Scarrat, ‘Love Island’ is a British dating series that serves as a revived version of an eponymous reality show from 2005. The new iteration brings several young men and women to a beautiful remote property in Mallorca, Spain. To remain in the house, the contestants must be coupled with one of their castmates, and anyone without a partner during a coupling event is eliminated from the game. As the season progresses, new faces are added to the show to keep things fresh and exciting.

All this leads to the season finale, where the public chooses one couple as the winner of the £50,000 cash prize. One of the most talked about coupes from the show is Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech, whose journey helped them garner several fans over the years. The two were a part of the show’s inaugural iteration that aired in 2015, and their fans are curious about their current status. Have the two reality TV stars been able to maintain their bond, or have they parted ways? Let’s find out about the same!

Luis and Cally’s Love Island Journey

Luis Morrison, a 20-year-old footballer from London, entered the villa on the first day of season 1 of ‘Love Island.’ For the first coupling, he was chosen by Zoe Basia Brown as a partner based on first impressions. On the sixth day, the islanders were asked to recouple, which led Luis to partner with Danielle Pyne. The pairing on Day 11 saw Luis with Lauren Richardson, and his other love interest during the show was Bethany Rogers when she decided to choose him to go on a date.

However, When Cally Jane Beech, a 23-year-old former Miss Great Britain turned dental nurse from Hull, UK, entered the show on Day 21, there was an immediate connection between her and Luis. The primary reason behind this was that before the show, Luis and Cally had once been a couple but decided to split, given the distance between London and Hull. Their time on the reality series served as a perfect opportunity for the two to rekindle their romance, and they grabbed the opportunity readily.

Luis was Cally’s first date, and the two stayed together after reconnecting in season 1. Despite the various challenges that came their way, the pair faced their problems head-on and secured a place in the top 4 during the final episode. Luis and Cally finished the show in fourth place and had a large fanbase rooting for their performance throughout their time on the show. Albeit, just how well did their fairytale romance survive in the real world? Well, we are here to find out about the same!

Luis and Cally Have Separated

No, Luis and Cally are not together anymore. After their time on the show, the couple had what can at best be described as an on-again-off-again relationship. The pair welcomed their beautiful daughter Vienna Morrison Beech in May 2017, yet reportedly split after just ten weeks of their daughter’s birth due to what Cally hinted as Luis’ unfaithfulness. Surprisingly, in December 2018, the couple was back together and ready to put the past behind them. They shared the news of their patch-up with the public and expressed their excitement for the upcoming year.

Nevertheless, in September 2018, Luis and Cally split again, with the latter taking Vienna with her to Hull. The separation this time seemed permanent as many claimed that this was the first time Cally had initiated a break-up rather than Luis. Initially, the two had reportedly decided to stay good friends to co-parent Vienna efficiently, but things turned downward in October 2018, when Cally started bashing Luis regarding his behavior on social media.

The former Miss Great Britain stated that she had to do everything independently, and Luis was not a helpful parent. She claimed that he had cheated on her when the two were together, which contributed to their separation. Meanwhile, Luis maintained that he was regretful about the fight on social media and that he did take his responsibilities towards his daughter seriously. He further stated that as a single father, he had the right to move on and live his life, leading to a spat between the two that did not seem to resolve.

Regardless of their past, the two seem quite happy with their separate lives and love their daughter, Vienna, dearly. The adorable girl is often seen on her parents’ social media posts, with her mother, Cally, even maintaining an Instagram account for her. As of writing, Cally works as a singer, a songwriter, and a content creator; she has a massive following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, where she posts various content.

On the other hand, former footballer Luis works as an entrepreneur and is affiliated with Blueprint Sports, Celebrity Cars, and ACTIVE. He welcomed his son Romeo with his then-girlfriend Chloe Elizabeth in October 2021. Although, in June 2022, the couple broke up after the latter claimed that her partner was not pulling his weight as a parent and was often out partying. The two seem to be co-parenting their son and do not seem to have gotten back together. We wish Luis, Cally, and their close ones the best in their lives and hope for success in their professional and personal lives.

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