Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee: Is the American Idol Duo Still Together?

Image Credits: Maddie Poppe/ Instagram

Unencumbered by any limitations, love sparks when it is least expected. Consider the fate of Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee, two people who first met each other as contestants vying for the top spot in ‘American Idol’ season 16. However, as fate would have it, their friendship as fellow contestants and young artists soon blossomed into something more. The two continued to grow professionally and personally after meeting on the platform of the reality television show. Many wonder whether or not the two are still together. So, here’s where they are now.

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee’s American Idol Journey

The 16th iteration of ‘American Idol’ did not just see a surfeit of talent but also presented the opportunity for love to blossom. As contestants went head-to-head against each other, Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee were first paired up for the famous Hollywood Week of the auditions, and sparks flew almost immediately. Enchanted by Maddie’s chimpanzee T-shirt, the stars almost instantly felt an uncanny pull toward each other. And so, it wasn’t long before they began dating. Unbeknownst to the world, Maddie and Caleb continued their romance and shielded their relationship from the public.

However, once Maddie and Caleb made it to the season’s finale and the voting shut down, they gave an official statement about their relationship. While their melodious ode to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ had left people in awe, it was their announcement as a couple that left everyone in shock. Ultimately, Caleb came as a close second, and Maddie was crowned the winner of ‘American Idol.’ After the competition, the two even took to their social media to praise and appreciate each other.

From there on, the couple went on to attend the American Idol Live! 2018 Tour together. This was an experience that deepened their connection and allowed them to come close together as artists and partners. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the couple celebrated their two years together and showcased how they have been with each other even through the darkest times.

The two even appeared to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘American Idol’ with season 20. However, since their reunion on the ‘American Idol’ stage, the two inconspicuously disappeared from each other’s social media. Not just this, Maddie also released a break-up song titled, ‘Screw You a Little Bit,’ leaving fans to wonder whether she and Caleb have called it quits.

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Have Broken Up

No, Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee are no longer together. While the couple’s bond seemed unbreakable after their appearance on season 16 of ‘American Idol’ in 2018, things ultimately changed. Four years into their romance, Caleb and Maddie seemingly broke up. In an interview with Iowa radio station KWAY, Maddie talked about her song ‘Scew You a Little Bit’ and whether or not the song is about her iconic romance with Caleb Lee.

Questioned by the host if her latest single is a breakup song about Caleb, Maddie answered: “This one is not about who everyone thinks it’s about!” Furthermore, she added, “I don’t have negative things to say about that particular person.” When the host asked the singer point black about her relationship status with Caleb, she evaded the matter and said she would always have a place in her heart for Caleb and their relationship. Therefore, from what we can tell, it appears that Maddie and Caleb stopped seeing each other in June 2022.

While the two have seemed to part on friendly terms and still haven’t removed each other from their social media, we can only hope that the two find their way back to each other! On the personal front, Caleb and Maddie are continuing to make great strides. Caleb continues to grow as a country singer and songwriter. Additionally, Caleb also hosts a podcast titled ‘Green Couch Podcast’, where he discusses a number of sensitive issues.

On the other hand, Maddie continues to release new music and is going on tour in America. Additionally, her interest in home improvement and DIY has even earned her a segment on ‘American Idol.’ As such, even though Caleb and Maddie had to break ties with each other, the two seem to be doing well professionally, and we wish them success and happiness in their future endeavors.

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