Are Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee From American Idol Still Together?

True love and romance usually spark up when somebody least expects it, and then it shakes their world with a mountain of obstacles it places upon them before they can genuinely call a partner their own. It’s complicated, and it’s time-consuming, but for most, it’s very worth it. Relationships can be sweeter than nectar, and when we’ve had the opportunity to see them come to life, we obviously become invested. All this is the precise story of Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee, who met on the platform of ‘American Idol‘ season 16 and never let go. So, here’s where they are now.

Maddie and Caleb’s American Idol Journey

In 2018, Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee were both vying for the top spot on the singing reality series when they got paired up for the iconic Hollywood Week of the auditions and felt an immediate pull. Less than 24 hours later, Maddie had “captured his heart” while wearing a chimpanzee t-shirt. Owing to a strong connection that they understood could turn into much more, they chose to take the next step and started dating. However, since they didn’t want their talent to suffer or affect the results, Maddie and Caleb kept their romance so secret that no one suspected a thing, as they seemed like friends.

Once Maddie and Caleb made it to the season’s finale as a part of the “Top 3,” they gave an official statement about their bond. On the big night, just before the lovebirds performed Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” together, announced their relationship and shocked everyone. Ultimately, Maddie was crowned as the winner, with Caleb coming at a close second. Yet, they both admitted that the best thing they gained from the show was each other.

While Maddie penned a lengthy social media post about what this journey meant for her, Caleb showed that there was no jealousy between them by simply professing, “MY GIRLFRIEND WON AMERICAN IDOL!!!” As for her nod to her boyfriend, she wrote, “This guy captured my heart from the start and showed me what love truly means…[Caleb] you mean so much to me, and I’m so blessed to be able to have had you alongside me throughout this journey and hopefully for many more moons to come.”

Are Maddie and Caleb Still Together?

Following their success on ‘American Idol,’ Maddie, then-20, and then-19-year-old Caleb went on the American Idol Live! 2018 Tour together, where they got a chance to continue exploring their connection while still doing what they love. From singing duets roughly every night and then performing as solo artists to fulfilling other public engagements and earning acclaim, the couple got a taste of what life could be like, and they loved it. Thus, even when they had to say bye, they knew it wasn’t final.

After all, despite the fact that Caleb resides in Nashville, whereas Maddie is in Iowa, their love has thrived. Of course, they must have had their fair share of problems, but neither the long-distance nor the COVID-19 global pandemic came between them, so minor issues do not hold any power. In fact, these experiences have only made the two cherish one another more, which they make evident in the lyrics of their original music. Over three years, they have dedicated several of their songs to their relationship.

We should also mention that Maddie and Caleb sang together for the first time in over 16 months for the public in June 2021, and it was as if nothing yet everything had changed. Their bond is clearly stronger, but its sincere innocence remains. We are hoping for wedding chimes soon, and although the couple hasn’t seriously considered taking that step as of now, they do often joke about it while implying that they’ve found their life partner. Honestly, seeing them continue to grow as individuals and as a pair has restored our faith in true love, especially after learning about so many splits in the past year.

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