Are Mallory and Salvador From Love is Blind Still Together?

As a dating reality series that breaks all bounds of the genre by following a group of singles as they try to find “the one” without even setting eyes on each other, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ can only be deemed unique. After all, it explores whether deep emotional connections can really conquer the elements of physical attraction or not to uncover what truly matters in any romantic association. One such couple figuring out the same in season 2 was that of Mallory and Salvador. If you wish to know more about their cozy relationship, we’ve got the details for you.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez’s Love is Blind Journey

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez felt a spark the moment they came across one another in the pods, not only due to the allure of their voices but also because of their shared Latino heritage and family values. Hailing from big households — with three siblings each — they were on the same page about everything related to their core beliefs, only to realize that their conversations were both easy as well as comfortable. Thus, the two began expanding their liaison, but as expected within this experiment, Mallory was even bonding with Jarrette AKA her “JerBear.”

From there, the Communications Manager played a game of Never Have I Ever with the Tourism personnel to get to know him a bit better after talking to Jarrette about their future expectations. Although just for fun, this game supposedly made Mallory realize that simply doing nothing of major significance with Salvador was also enjoyable for her. The fact that he later articulated his feelings before performing the original song he’d prepared further made the then-31-year-old sure that she had started to fall for him.

Therefore, when Jarrette asked what she’d do if he were to propose, Mallory couldn’t help but acknowledge that Salvador was the one she wanted, leading to heartbreak on one side and an engagement on the other. In short, that’s when Salvador got down on one knee and said, in part, “I know you will take nothing more than my best…You deserve that. You literally have, like, my best in your hands right now, and falling in love with you has changed me as a person. Mallory, will you marry me?,” to which Mallory, of course, replied, “Yes!”

Are Mallory and Salvador Still Together?

Following their first face-to-face interaction, it seemed like Mallory had returned to the emotionally unavailable space she’d mentioned to Salvador previously, but thankfully that was not the case. She’d merely gotten into her head about the whole scenario, the awkwardness of which gradually evolved back into their usual romance during their getaway in Mexico. They did have their fair share of issues over former partners — including Jarrette — as well as just adjusting to their relationship in the real world, yet the couple always talked things out.

Considering their evident love and care for one another, it genuinely looked like Mallory and Salvador would be walking away from this entire journey as husband and wife, but the latter needed more time. About six weeks and little family interaction weren’t enough for him to honestly promise forever, so he admitted the same to his fiancée, who actually understood the hesitation. Hence, they stepped out of the ‘Love is Blind’ season 2 experience with the prospect of dating.

Every aspect of Mallory and Salvador’s tale does make us hopeful for an eventual happy ending, yet as neither of them has confirmed or denied their official reconciliation as of writing, we can’t claim anything for sure. However, we will mention that even though the Chicago natives haven’t been quite active on Instagram over the past year, they follow each other.

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