Marioxi and Richard: Is the Love For The Ages Duo Still Together?

Peacock’s ‘Love For The Ages‘ is an interesting dating reality show that focuses on three married couples whose relationships are on the verge of breaking down. However, herein lies the catch — the couples are invited to a resort where the husbands get to spend a month with six younger women while the wives get to do the same with six younger men. Eventually, after going on several dates and getting to know their younger partners, the couples are asked to decide if they want to remain married or split up permanently.

Marioxi Giorgina and Richard appeared in ‘Love For The Ages’ season 1 and seemed pretty excited to participate in the experiment. While both Marioxi and Richard looked forward to meeting new people, it seemed like the pair faced quite a few issues in their past, which led to such a decision. Nevertheless, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Marioxi and Richard are still together, shall we?

Marioxi and Richard’s Love For The Ages Journey

Marioxi and Richard had been together for about nine years when they entered the experiment. Upon first look, they seemed to have a pretty compelling marriage. The two mentioned how they toured the world together and even took care of several pets, which boosted their bond. Besides, Marioxi appeared pretty committed to her relationship and stated that she had not spent much time apart from her husband since tying the knot. Nevertheless, on the show, Richard and Marioxi decided to let go of any boundaries and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

On ‘Love For The Ages,’ Marioxi developed an instant connection with Kevin as she found him to be much more sensitive and understanding than her husband. Kevin also seemed pretty fond of Marioxi and was overjoyed when the married woman asked him out on a date. During the date, the two opened up further, and Kevin was shocked to learn that Richard had been unfaithful to Marioxi at a point in their relationship. The incident made it challenging for her to put her trust in love, but surprisingly, Kevin treated her with patience and allowed her to open up whenever she felt comfortable.

Unfortunately, at one point, Kevin and Marioxi’s connection seemed to waver as she even kissed Christian. However, Marioxi eventually chose Kevin as her partner during the pairing ceremony. On the other hand, Richard seemed quite unperturbed about his shaky marriage as he did not have a habit of wearing his wedding ring. Moreover, he did not hesitate to hand his ring over to the producers, while Marioxi preferred to hold onto hers. Nevertheless, as the season progressed, Richard found himself in a love triangle with Rachel and Jennifer.

While Rachel, a Boston-based singer-songwriter, preferred Richard because of his maturity and personality, Jennifer wanted to help the married man rediscover his playful side. Eventually, Richard realized that, unlike Marioxi, Jennifer loves adventures and is open to making spontaneous decisions. Her wild personality matched his own, and he loved how extroverted and outdoorsy she is. Hence, during the pairing ceremony, Richard chose Jennifer as his partner, eliminating Rachel in the process.

As the show progressed, Jennifer and Richard built up a close connection, although the latter always maintained a boundary during their interactions. On the other hand, Marioxi embraced the experiment and shared a passionate kiss with Kevin, which later led to an altercation with her husband. Eventually, on the final day, Richard claimed that the experiment had made him realize how much his wife meant to him, and he decided to stay married to him. However, Marioxi revealed that she needed some alone time to rediscover herself and get her life back on track. Hence, she decided to leave the show alone, choosing to remain separated for the time being.

Marioxi Giorgina and Richard Have Likely Parted Ways

While ‘Love For The Ages’ focused a bright spotlight on Marioxi and Richard’s connection, the pair embraced privacy once filming wrapped and haven’t revealed much about the current status of their relationship in public. However, judging from their interactions on the show and from what we can tell by the developments post the wrap-up of filming, it seems apparent that Marioxi and Richard did not feel appreciated in their relationship.

The incident involving Richard’s infidelity still weighed heavy on Marioxi’s mind, and the two appeared more comfortable with their younger partners than with each other. Besides, at present, Richard and Marioxi rarely interact with each other in public and aren’t featured much on each other’s social media profiles. Moreover, while leaving the show, Marioxi was quite confident about staying away from Richard for some time in order to fix herself. Hence, even though it is unclear if the two have opted for a divorce, we can safely say that Marioxi and Richard aren’t together and are currently leading independent lives.

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