Mike and Hannah: Is the Love Island USA Couple Still Dating?

Hosted by Sarah Hyland, Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ is a dating reality show that is perhaps one of the favorites of fans of the genre. Consider the season 5 of the series, which premiered recently and has continued to captivate viewers throughout its run. One of the more interesting pairings that came from this particular installment of the show was that of Mike Stark and Hannah Ortega. However, after their exit from the series, people are curious if the two are indeed still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Mike and Hannah’s Love Island USA Journey

When Mike Stark entered the Peacock show on Day 13, he perhaps had no idea how many ups and downs he would face during his on-screen experience. Immediately becoming a favorite of the single ladies, he developed a good bond with Destiny Davis and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray. However, it was the former with whom he eventually decided to pursue things more seriously, and Destiny, too, seemed to feel similarly, leading to a budding relationship between the two.

Things took a turn for Mike and Destiny when the latter joined the other girls at Casa Amor. Not knowing exactly where he stood with Destiny, Mike started to see if he had a connection with the women that had entered the villa. Initially, he connected with Dasja Johnson, and it did seem like the two might end up coupling. However, not long afterward, Hannah Ortega joined the show in hopes of winning the heart of her ex, Marco Donatelli. The man in question stated that he wanted to remain loyal to Hannah Wright but wished Ortega the best in trying to find her match with the rest of the male cast members.

It was not long before Mike and Ortega started to flirt, and the former was torn between her and Dasja. Indeed, his conversation with the latter threw her off, as she was apparently caught off guard by his changed focus. Ultimately, it seemed like Mike felt more connected with Ortega than Dasja despite the newness of their connection and decided to couple up with her during the next recoupling ceremony. However, when Destiny returned to the villa with Isiah “Zay” Harayda, she and Mike ended up in a tense situation.

In the following days, Destiny and Mike got into a lot of arguments, primarily centered on the former being upset about the latter’s apparent reconsideration of her feelings. All the while, Mike tried not to let his affection for Destiny ruin what he had with Ortega. When the time came for the eliminations, both of them were deemed vulnerable. Ortega was voted out due to her having received the least amount of votes among the girls, with Mike following suit as he was voted second-to-last by the public.

Mike and Hannah Are Yet to Confirm Their Relationship Status

As of writing, Mike Stark and Hannah Ortega have not shared any official confirmations about whether or not they are in a relationship. That said, the former did state in a Question and Answer session with his fans on Instagram that he was open to exploring his connection with Ortega. During the same session, he was full of compliments for his on-screen partner and clarified many doubts that the fans had. Meanwhile, Hannah seems to be enjoying her time back at home.

Mike’s actions on his last night on the show have earned him the ire of the majority of the fans. The reality TV star had called host Sarah Hyland “disrespectful” after she had asked Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray if she was happy about her decision to walk out from the show besides an eliminated Keenan Anunay. While the girl in question calmly stated that she had “no regrets,” Mike shot back at Sarah that she was “mad disrespectful.” According to Mike, he and Sarah have seemingly talked about the incident already, and things between them are apparently “sorted.” With Mike open to seeing what he and Ortega can build together, we are sure that their fans wish them the best for the journey.

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